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I realize that no one on here needs to be told to vaccinate, but this is a great post. Short and sweet but to the point. If you have any skeptics in your life this is a good share.

And also: image
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  • That was awesome, thanks for sharing!

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  • Love this post!! As someone who cannot get flu shots or vaccines, I greatly appreciate the people who do.
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  • No one is biting... I'm a little sad.

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  • Yeah, DH is a microbiologist so it was never even a question in our house, our kids were getting vaccinated.

    A friend's 2 yo DD currently has chicken pox which shocked me since I haven't heard of kids getting chicken pox in years.  She received the vaccine but apparently it's like the flu shot in that you can still catch it but the vaccine lessens the severity.  Which then makes me think some jerk who didn't get their kid vaccinated spread chicken pox to a vaccinated kid.  I know there is no way to trace it back but I can't help but jump to that conclusion and be mad about it.  If everyone were vaxed it wouldn't be out there!
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  • I need to watch A Few Good Men for the bajillionth time again now. 

    I know a lot of antivaxxers and felt like I had to consider it when it was time to make the decision for Lilly. The more research that DH and I did, the more it became clear that vax was the only way to go. 

    I recently shared this on my FB page. None of the AV's bit, but hopefully they read it and maybe it will make a difference.
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