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OB recommendations in GR

We just found out we are expecting and we have no idea which ob or which hospital to deliver at. Can anyone offer any helpful recommendations? I would prefer a female, and I guess I should say that I have three family members who work at Spectrum, one actually works in the maternity floor, so I feel kind of hesitant to deliver there just because we would like to have some privacy. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?

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  • I can totally understand that.  A good friend of mine worked at Metro and had 3 friends who were OB's, all of whom I saw regularly at GTG's, so I wanted to avoid that (nothing like strangers up in your business).  My doc was Spectrum though, so I didn't really have to worry.  Can you simply tell them you only want your H in your delivery room?  I told my family that, and it went over well.  I didn't even want my mom in the room (flameaway). I bet your family would totally understand.  No harm in being honest.  I said I'd call everyone when the baby was born.  *shrug*  That said, simply find a doctor who delivers at Metro or St. Mary's.  Look on the Metro Health network site to find a doc.  In the thread below I responded to something similar: I hear that Dr. Talcott on 44th is awesome.  I believe he delivers at Metro.  Male obviously, but I gotta say male OB's are better than women IMO.  More understanding and gentle.  The women OB's I've seen have more of a "suck it up butterbup" attitude, and the men actually seem to listen and care slightly more.  Not saying women are bad OB's, but if I had to pick, I'd take a male Dr. over female based on my experience. 

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  • I've been going to my OB/Gyn for over 15yrs. Their group works out of Metro. I see a male but I have heard great things about all of the providers. If you're interested in more information let me know... maybe you could schedule a "meet & greet"! 
  • I went to West Michigan OB/GYN when I got pregnant and their office staff is HORRIBLE. When I got my positive I called Monday morning at 9 right when they opened and was on hold for 50 minutes I was fuming mad!! I went to Michigan OB/GYN and Loove them, they also partner with Metro! I feel like Metro is so much smaller. Going to spectrum stressed me and the DH out when we went to see our nephew I can't imagine how we would be under pressure!







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  • I love the Women's Health Center. 555 Midtown. I also love the ObGyns in Dr. Michelle Klyn's office. :)
  • I just started with Dr Talcott and LOVE him!
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  • Michelle Klyn is my doctor - first meeting/ultrasound with her in a month!
  • I go to st. Mary's obgyn and love it!
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    Love Dr. VanSlooten, Dr. Rohn, and Dr. Dood at West Michigan OBGYN are fantastic.  I see Dr. VanSlooten and he is fantastic about not rushing you through your appointment like some do.  It is a big practice, but they have a smaller office in Grandville.  They deliver at Spectrum Health and I have had GREAT experiences there with both of my deliveries.  

    My sister goes to Advantage Health OBGYN downtown GR and I have only heard great things from her about that office.

  • For anyone else looking for an OB...Dr. Sharla Ulstad at the Women's Health Center is awesome! I am currently seeing her for my first pregnancy. I think she only delivers at Spectrum though. 
  • Metro told us they only transferred 8 babies to DeVos in all of 2013.

    Made me feel a bit better.
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  • I see Dr. Sharla Ulstead as well, and she is fantastic! She delivered both of my sister's sons, and my sister recommended her to me. 
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