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PSA: epi pen co-pay

Last week I went to fill DS' epi pen rx and found a coupon of sorts online where the co-pays are paid for up to $100. I think it's through the epi pen manufacturer. I wasn't confident at first it was going to work, but it did! I normally pay $25 for 4 pens (two 2-packs). I presented the coupon which I had saved on my iPhone at my CVS when I picked up the Rx. They noted a few things from it and then I didn't have to pay anything. Score! The site said it's good until 12/31/13 but I'm guessing there will be a new one in 2014.

Here's the site:

Also one other PSA. When you fill your epi pen Rx check the expiration date on the package. The Rx should be good for a year and yet I was given a package that expired in less than a year. Thankfully they replaced it when I noticed it (months later) but always good to check.
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