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Providence St Vincent experiences?

Psv is really my only choice insurance-wise, but a friend who did an externship in their l&d during nursing school told me they really push drugs. Anyone give birth at providence st vincent? Stories? Tips? Thanks!
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Re: Providence St Vincent experiences?

  • amberlobesamberlobes member
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    I gave birth there March 2013 and when I started I didn't want any kind of drugs. They didn't push any on me at all. I ended up getting them by my and my husbands own choice. I thought they were good about respecting our choices of trying a natural birth.
  • Can you go to providence Portland? The one off of Glisan? There is a midwife practice through Providence that delivers at the Portland hospital and the midwives are awesome and all about natural birth and following what you want to do. I highly recommend them if you can r
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  • emayo21emayo21 member
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    I delivered there in December of 2013 and had the best experience!  I never ever felt pressured to take anything I didn't ask for myself.  They completely respected my birth plan and were very knowledgable when I did have questions regarding pain relief options.  As long as you go in knowledgable and confident with what you want for yourself and your baby...I believe you can have an amazing experience.  Plus, I loved my nurses at delivery and post delivery, they become your rock when you are in such a vulnerable state....I will be delivering there for sure with our second!
  • Glad to hear some good reviews myself! We live in hillsboro and are making the decision to drive to st Vincent's after hearing horrible things about Tuality in hillsboro, despite the fact it's about 5 minutes from where I live.

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  • I also gave birth at St. Vincent's in March 2011. It was a rough experience for me as I wasn't dilated or any of that fun stuff when I went in for an induction (7 days after my due date). All in all, the staff was pretty great, with the exception of one very patronizing nurse I had during labor. The postpartum rooms are the size of a postage stamp, so plan on only having room for your honey and some basic necessities (dont forget snacks for yourself! we were moved to the PP area in the wee hours and I was famished and had to wait for the cafeteria place to be open). The postpartum nurses were all super awesome and helpful! They had a really great little store that had all kinds of accessories for breast pumps etc and the ladies there were super knowledgeable on all of the different options. I needed some new parts for a pump that hand been a hand me down - they tested it for me to make sure everything was working as it should and were happy to give tips on how to best use it. 
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  • AngelcakeAngelcake member
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    I have had both of my children there and have gone in with a birth preference/plan and did not feel pushed towards drugs.  Both of my experiences were pretty great with St. V.
    * I also worked with midwives as well as the OB who was attending.
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  • I had a great experience there. The nurses and doctors took very good care of us. They also have the best nicu in Pacific Northwest. Our daughter was born at 24 weeks and they gave us the good and the bad and never sugar coated any thing. The nurses there were so sweet. If my husband had missed getting to the cafe they would bring us any thing he was hungry for.
  • udenbyjjudenbyjj member
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    I gave birth there last year and again this year, I LOVED IT! I had to be induced, I didn't have a choice. I was very sick. I let the nurses and OB's know what I wanted and was given options to everything, they didn't sugar coat anything, best NICU in Oregon. I felt safe and cared for there! After 36 hours of labor, my nurse brought me sushi afterwards and a cranberry juice/soda. It was the nicest thing EVER considering it was 1am. 
    Just let the nurses/OB know what you want and they will respect that, UNLESS there is an emergency. 
    The best advice I got before giving birth was "Expect the unexpected."
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