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Anyone planning Birth Blessingway?

This is not a baby shower. It is a ceremony to honor and celebrate birth as a rite of passage and the mom-to-be.

I ordered the book Mother Rising without a clue these existed and now I want one. I already told a friend - w/ one caveat: no flower crowns! Hehe

Did you have?
Do you want one?
I want to know everything!

Re: Anyone planning Birth Blessingway?

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    I didn't do one, never heard of them.

    Part of me likes the idea of them. Part of me knows it's just not for me at all.

    My thought is that if I was to be a guest at such a thing (I imagine it's for close friends and family, rather than the broad range of guests you might have at a shower?) then I might want a heads up as to what kind of thing I was walking into. Would I be expected to sing a song? recite some kind of verse or lines? Write something for the Mum to be? etc etc etc. I would hate to walk into some kind of ceremony that is obviously special to the Mum to be, only to find myself filled with uncertainty and surrounded by nervously giggling guests.

    I don't know the best way to communicate these things, but seeing as it would be a fairly new thing for most of your guests then you kinda get to make up your own rules. Maybe send an email, or have the host explain things at the very beginning of the ceremony?

    Interesting idea. If you go ahead with it, I hope it's as lovely as I imagine it could be.
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  • I want one! More to be able to voice my birthing fears and to burn them!!! Lol. I think that the idea of being surrounded by women who are like minded in their views of birthing can be so reassuring in itself, but putting some of the rituals in the mix can give you a tangible way to express your joy and prepare your mind for birth. Go for it!!!!
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  • I had mine on Tuesday! It was really small b/c of timing (darn holidays in the way) but it was great. Had I never been to one it wouldn't have been overwhelming b/c it was laid back.  We told birth stories and the other ladies bought beads for a birthing necklace for me.  We did a binding (everyone is connected with a string and they tie it on after its cut and keep it on till mama delivers).  A lot of my friends have done belly castings or belly henna at theirs.
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