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"Normal" ounces of milk per day for 11 month old

Lately DS (who will be 1 on 12/20) hasn't been taking much milk (breast milk) at daycare and I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this happening to their LO's too.  He nurses in the morning before I leave for work then gets breast milk in a sippy cup at breakfast and lunch at daycare and they attempt to give him one bottle in the afternoon.  He eats dinner and then nurses before bed.  At this point I am lucky if he gets 6-8 ounces during the day, not including the morning and night feedings that I do.  To me that seems like such a small amount!  He is eating regular foods without any issues and is gaining weight fine, but I feel that this is very early for him to be decreasing his milk intake so much.  When I have him at home with me on the weekends he doesn't nurse for as long as he used to during the day, but I still fee like he gets way more milk nursing than when he is at daycare and its in a sippy or bottle.   

Re: "Normal" ounces of milk per day for 11 month old

  • maybe he is self weaning? DS is on formula and only 10 mos but he takes anywhere from 25-30 oz a day plus 3 meals and a snack....
  • Ds is formula fed and is 11 months (bday is 12/23)& he eats a solid 3 meals a day with normally 2 snacks,& drinks around 12/15 oz of half formula & half whole milk.
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  • My daughter is 10 months, formula fed. She drinks around 22 oz a day. Including three meals and 1-2 snacks.
  • My son is formula fed but did the same thing around 10 months. We could not get any more than 12-15 oz of formula in him (down from more than 30 oz). We gradually added in WCM over the next month which he drinks no problem. If he's eating food fine, I wouldn't be too concerned.
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    DD started dropping nursing sessions and favoring solids at 9months. At 11 months we were down to nursing only when she wakes up in the morning and at bedtime. During the day she gets 3 meals and 1 snack. At this point my supply is shot and I don't think she gets more than a couple oz/day. She's 12months now
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