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Daycare in Midtown or East Atlanta

I've started looking for daycares and I'm completely overwhelmed! Ideally I'd like to find one near East Atlanta by our home or in Midtown where I work. Can anyone recommend a daycare in either of those areas?

Re: Daycare in Midtown or East Atlanta

  • for midtown area, this discussion was on my neighborhood facebook group last week. Someone said a Bright Horizon is opening at Atlantic Station and a Goddard is opening near turner at 1066 spring street. Not sure how soon you need it but you might check these out as they would probably be easier to get into if you decide to do midtown. Also in midtown is All Saints but they usually have a pretty big wait list especially since they have agreements with certain companies in the area to take their employees kids first.  
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  • Yep, saw that Bright Horizons is opening where Fio 360 used to be in Atlantic Station.  Not a lot of options in the East Atlanta area.  We used to live in Grant Park and went the nanny route.  That is what many families in that area use.
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  • Have heard decent things about the Village School of East Atlanta, but never looked into it myself as the hours didn't work for us. There was also one that opened within the past year or so on Moreland, and I apologize I don't remember the name. I believe the teachers were part of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool at one point, so it had a good following from the start. *Did some digging- it is called The Nest Nursery School* Once again, the hours didn't work for us. We were lucky enough to get a slot with All Saints and loved it. Good Luck!
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  • Thanks for the recs I'll definitely look into these!
  • My son was at Bright Horizons Children's Center at All Saint's until we moved to Marietta last month.  I only have experience with the infant room but we really liked it.  They weren't perfect (but no daycare is) but I felt like he was very well cared for and the communication with the staff was good.  I find myself constantly comparing his new daycare to it and the new one comes up lacking.  They can have a long wait list so if you are interested in a spot there you should get on the list early and check with them frequently on your status.

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  • This reply is a little late, but I know it will be helpful considering how hard it is to know where to start when looking for a full-time daycare. My 2 year old daughter goes to Peachtree Childtown in Midtown Atlanta and they offer an excellent program for about $1300/month! I chose to send her there because I have a close family member whose child has been there since 6 weeks old and she LOVES it! They operate out of the bottom floor of Peachtree Christian Church at the corner of Spring and W. Peachtree St and the kids have access to a huge outdoor playground and green space. There is ample free parking for pick-up and drop off and it's easy to get in and out of very quickly. The teachers and staff are amazing and know all the kids names regardless of age and classroom. As with most full time day cares, there is limited infant space so I'm sure it's just as competitive to get in here as it is the other Midtown Atlanta day cares. Just tour it as soon as you can and get on the waiting list asap if you are expecting. All in all, it's a good old-fashioned preschool/daycare (with the latest and greatest in educational tools) that exceeds expectations! 
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