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Whew! Now what?

When we brought our little guy home, he was on an apnea monitor and we just got the news today that he doesn't need it anymore!  Wohoo!!! However, we haven't actually been using the monitor the last two weeks or so because it kept going off CONSTANTLY and driving us nuts (and his color and breathing were fine!), so my husband and I have been staying up in shifts and watching him sleep every night to make sure he's ok...but now that we know he's ok I find the idea of just letting my son sleep with out watching him kind of scary. Is this what normal parents do who haven't had to deal with brady and apnea episodes? You just sleep at night when the baby is sleeping?  Have any of you ladies gone through this? 

Re: Whew! Now what?

  • Oh yes. I was freaked out when we were discharged because I was so dependent on the monitors. It'll take a few days but you'll get used to it. We had him sleep in our room for a little over a month so we could hear him and check on him. 

    So happy to hear your LO is doing well!
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  • We're still on o2, but quit using the apnea monitor a few weeks ago only bc I was tired of cords and spelling was never an issue for her. It kind of happened by accident and just continued. We reassess the o2 on Friday and I think I'll be nervous if/when we d/c that.

    Glad you're free from it and doing well :)
  • Totally normal! I had three on apnea monitors and was so scared when they didnt need them anymore. I would check on them multiple times a night.
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  • I know the feeling - we actually took DS off the apnea monitor before we were supposed to   X_X but it was really hard to adjust.  We pretty much had him right next to us in the bassinet and would practically sleep with our hand on his chest to make sure he was still breathing.  It'll get easier!
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  • I was so scared when my dd went off the monitor so I bought a snuza. It never went off and I slept well (until my dog ate it... True story. She's not adjusting to the baby well :). It's kind of expensive and prob unnecessary since the drs wouldn't take your son off unless he was ready...but I figured it was a small price to pay for my sanity!
  • We didn't come home on any monitors so I don't have first hand experience but we got so use to the ones she was on in the NICU that for about 2 weeks after she came home I barely slept bc I was watching her all night. The NICU even turned her monitors off 72 hours before we were discharged to try and help me adjust.

  • Congrats! Going off the apnea monitor was definitely scary. I would put my hand on her chest to feel it rise throughout the night, and didn't get much sleep myself. But you do get used to it. It's just so exciting to have a wireless baby!
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  • Thanks everybody! Last night was a bit stressful but it's nice to hear I'm not the only one with anxiety about being off the monitors.
  • My son never had breathing problems and my husband and I still sleep in shifts! He spent two weeks in the nicu and he's been home for two weeks and I'm just now (barely) ready to start sleeping normal hours with my husband again. Whatever normal is when he eats every three hours!
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