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food, formula, nutrition?

Is there some sort of baby nutrition triangle that we should be following?

Our schedule in general...
morning, 8-ish: fruit or blend of with oatmeal (2 containers - gerber step two); most of 4oz bottle
noon-ish: meat and rice or noodle blend (1 container), veggies (1 container); most of 4oz bottle
dinner is usually around 6:30: same as lunch, sometimes we add a fruit for dessert.
2 or 3 AM: 6oz bottle

No teeth yet, so we're slowly working in baked potato, bananas, etc. in larger chunks. He snacks in between too and he's been using a sippy cup of water as he pleases. He's really liking the puffs but he's having a really hard time with the yogurt bites. I guess just like the baby food, he'll get used to the texture and swallowing. Poor kid loves food, but can't keep from gagging :( I also feel like this kid should be a big-fat-fatty with all we feed him, but he's skinny as a rail. Are you guys doing something similar? I couldn't BF so I'm in a totally different boat from all my local mommy friends.

Re: food, formula, nutrition?

  • LO has 6oz bottle and 4oz fruit with about 2tbs baby oatmeal. (Occasionally plain instant oatmeal) by 830. Around 10ish most ore all 6oz bottle. By 130 4-8oz of veggie/potato/avocado (or whatever was leftover from our dinner the night before) with a little fruit mixed in. 3-4pm 6oz bottle. 6-7 more food similar to lunch. Sometimes 4-6 oz bottle before bed by 8. Then she she is up between 6-7.

    I make her food in the processor from plain steamed food or our meals and keep them in4 oz containers.
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  • My LO is a little one with a tiny stomach.  When I gave him 4oz bottles he'd spit up at least an now he's back to 3oz bottles.  He gets 5 3oz bottles and about 1-1.5 jars stage 2 foods plus cereal to thicken per day, and he nurses the early morning feeding and when he's hungry and I don't have ability to pump.


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  • There aren't nutrition guidelines at this age, because they should be getting everything they need from BM/formula.  

    We don't do solids for breakfast yet, she gets snacks during the day at daycare (my mom's), and then eats dinner with us at night.  We do BLW so I have no idea how much she actually eats, we're slowly working our way to 3 meals a day.
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    Seconding the info about nutrition from BF/FF!

    We're doing BLW. I try to mix it up for DD when I can so she gets a variety. As to the amount sometimes it is an amount of food the size of her fist and sometimes a little more. I don't worry at all about the size of my baby anymore. She's pretty tall and heavy though.

    ETA: she eats two to three meals a day but no solids snacks. I nurse on demand and its often!
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  • Agree^ ^ Nutrition until 1 year comes from BM or formula, not food.

    DD pretty much gets 3 solid meals a day, whatever we are eating usually (chunks of food, not purees), plus the same 30 oz of formula she's always taken (at 4 or 5 oz at a time...she's always eating!).

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  • 6:30-7:30 a bottle of formula usually 8 oz
    9:30-10 She gets breakfast fruit or veggie with oatmeal or rice
    Bottle after her nap
    2-2:30 lunch veggie or fruit
    3-3:30 bottle
    5-5:30 dinner fruit or veggie sometimes both or with oatmeal rice
    7:00 bottle for bed 5oz and usually doesn't finish
    she loves food! she will sometimes have a mummum or some type of little snack during the day.  Mostly to help her learn to feed herself because most of it ends up in her lap or the dog.  She sleeps all night from 7:30.

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  • At this point, after talking to my Ped, I really think it's up to the baby and parents at this point. My DD recently decreased her formula intake but we;ve seen a HUGE increase in food intake, and our pediatrician said some babies just take to food faster.

    7:30-offer 8 oz bottle; usually takes anywhere from 4-6
    8/8:30-breakfast(today it was 2 egg yolks with some cheese in it and half a container of applesauce)
    12:30-offer 8 oz bottle; usually takes anywhere from 6-8
    1-lunch (today it was 2 oz of chicken with the rest of the applesauce
    4/430-offer 6 oz bottle; usually takes 4-6
    5/5:30-dinner (yesterday it was 2 oz of chick thigh, some polenta and some broccoli)
    7;7:30-offer 8 oz bottle; usually takes 6-8

    so her formula intake is around 18-26 oz and her food intake is probably...idk like 200-400 calories I would say?  The doctor today said since she's taking in so much food to keep increasing her food amount and allow her to dictate her formula amount 
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  • ^^ this too, babies will decrease their BM/Formula on ther own as solids increase until eventually solids take over. The timing will be different for every kid obviously, but it just means they Are starting to get more out if the solids they eat And therefore need less BM/formula.

    The BLW book has a lot of great info about how babies bodies know what they need at this age and you can really let them dictate.
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