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swimming lessons

hoping someone could help me out.  i'm located in the limerick area and looking for swim lessons for my baby boy where i only need to pay for the actual lessons.  I looked into the YMCA but a monthly fee is required.  Is there anywhere else that would offer lessons?

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  • Are you sure about the Y? I belong to our local Y but you don't have to be a member to do swim lessons. They are split into 7 week sessions, with a lesson once a week. So the fee isn't monthly, it is just for that session (I know I was confused about how it worked before I was a member)

    As a member the fee is about half what it costs for non-members
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  • thanks! i'll call my Y to confirm.  I tried to sign up online but was forced to join the Y that way.
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  • Many time you have to become a "program member" at the Y. when I worked there, it was much cheaper - about $50/year, but the lessons were more expensive. It is because their insurance only covers members (this is also why you sign a waiver as a guest, and it is limited to 3x/year). 

    If the YMCA doesn't work out, check out colleges. I know Ursinus used to offer swim lessons up to age 10.
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