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MMR vaccine question

Hello! My DS is 16 1/2 months old. Allergies to wheat, egg, peanuts, chocolate, vanilla and his 15 month appt the pedi didn't want him to get the MMR at their office bc of the egg allergy. We are taking him to our allergist next week to get the shot in a controlled environment. Anyone experience this? Not sure what to expect. Thanks!

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  • No experience but I literally just read that it is safe for egg allergies. It was believed not to be, but for some reason that is not the thinking now. GL.
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    Back when my daughter had it (just shy of 5 years ago) they did the same thing. They actually took a small sample of the shot and did a skin test with it first at the allergist. Once she didn't register a reaction they gave her the full dose and we just had to wait around for awhile to make sure she didn't have a reaction. To just egg she had a pretty bad skin reaction but to this shot it was nothing. I feel like it was much better to be in that "controlled environment" just in case. 
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  • Thanks. I think the allergist agrees it's safe, but are just being cautious.
  • My son had his this summer when he was 2 and did fine. His allergist said there was some new research out that concluded that the amount of egg was so small that there was no need to be concerned. 
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