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Gifts vs Terrible Memory

I am a list guy.  I keep to-get and to-do lists for everything.  Heck, I even have a spreadsheet I can print off and check off for any trip over a day.  With that said, gifts ideas are one of those things that I will get, and will forget within the hour.  Here is what I have found to be EXTREMELY helpful.  Since I have e-mail with my phone, every time I have a gift idea, I send myself an e-mail with 'Gift Idea To Add - (persons name) - (gift Idea)'.  Every couple months, I compile the ideas into a single e-mail, and delete all of the individual e-mails.  When we need a gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, etc, we just do an e-mail search on 'Gift Idea', and comb through the big e-mail list, and any individual ideas that hadn't made it to the big list. Enjoy!

Re: Gifts vs Terrible Memory

  • I do this too, but with Amazon.  You can make individual lists for each person.  So if I find cool stuff, I email myself, then add it to Amazon later.


     First Baby!! HOPING for natural birth -- HOPING for cloth diapers to work out! 

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  • I am the traditional husband at Christmas time, and during the year in general.  I know very little about the gift buying, except for the boy.  I do know my wife always finds deals, so I am cool with that.

    When it comes to gifts for the wife, I try to make it a surprise most of the time.  That is really the only time I will actively shop for a gift.


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