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32 weeks and baby breeched.

Hi There,

I'm 32 weeks and bubs is breeched still. She is yet to turn up the other way though the pregnancy.
I know she many change position in the next 4 weeks, however, if she doesn't my OBG has told me I may have to have a C-section. Any tips for getting her to turn so I can afford this?

Re: 32 weeks and baby breeched.

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    Avoid this sorry
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    Try spinningbabies.com as they have a great reputation for having many different strategies for turning a baby. Many yoga positions and stretching your hips/pelvic area will help make room for baby, too.
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    This is normal. My little one just flipped this week, 35 weeks. Hang in there I was paranoid too.


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    We took child birth classes and were given a great tip. If you sit on an exercise ball and rotate your hips like you're hula hooping on a daily basis it helps rotate the baby down. With my first LO I did this while watching tv b/c it really helped relieve back and hip pain for me. Also don't panic you're still early in your pregnancy for baby to move to delivery position.
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    I have a close friend who's LO didn't flip until 37 weeks...like a few days before delivery! Best of luck to you!!!
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    Mine has flipped at least three times (I have had at least 15 sonos due to a condition) and at the moment, well as of yesterday, she was head down again. I'm due on Tuesday, so we shall see.
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    I am in the same boat as you at 31 weeks. My nurse-midwife told me that if she hadn't flipped by week 36 we would need to try a version- not something I would like to happen if possible. Some of the things she suggested that other people have had some luck with are: put ear-buds or some other type of head phones near your pelvic bone/bottom of your belly and play music for the baby. Apparently the baby will sometimes flip just so she/he can listen to the music. Another one is the Breech Tilt- lay on a hard surface (I use my carpeted floor) and place pillows under your hips until they are at least 20 cm off the floor. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes. Repeat (if possible) 3+ times a day. Good luck and I hope both our little ones turn soon! 

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    My first turned breech at 29 weeks and was never able to rotate head down.  Tried spinning babies, acupuncture, some woo stuff from the doula, and an ECV at 37 weeks.  ECV wasn't that bad, but didn't manage to turn him.  Had the section and it was OK, not the end of the world.  He was really stuck though, the OB had to really work to get him out.  My abdominals just didn't seem to stretch out/relax much.  

    Best of luck your LO turns!  :)
    Me and my Kiwi, both 38.  We struggled with RPL and were blessed with Micah.  I'm a full custody stepmom to Ethan!

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    At 32 weeks I wouldn't worry too much yet. Check with local chiropractors, they have some techniques.

    Here's a link with things you can do at home:

    As a last resort most OBs are willing to try an External Cephalic Version, which basically means they try to turn the baby around by pushing on your stomach. I've heard it can be decently painful. They typically do that as the last thing before starting a C-section.

    Another option would be looking into finding an OB who delivers breech babies vaginally, if that interests you. They are out there. My dad is an OBGYN and he delivers breech babies vaginally. I think he's one of only 3-4 docs in Atlanta who does that.

    The natural birth community in your town would know who to point you to.



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