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18w - low lying placenta question

US yesterday revealed that my placenta is low lying.  OB said that it was something to keep an eye on and that it usually corrects itself - but for now it was nothing to worry about. I was all good until I made the stupid mistake of looking it up online.  So here's my question...

If you are at 20w or before with low lying placenta - are you continuing with all activities (including intercourse) as normal?  Or are you being more cautious until your next scan (like no intercourse, no strenuous activities, not lifting over 20 lbs, etc)?

FWIW - I did call my OB back for more detailed information about the condition and nurse reaffirmed what the OB said yesterday.  I just can't help thinking I should be cautious - or at least use this as an excuse not to move the 40 boxes of books that just got delivered to my office. 

Re: 18w - low lying placenta question

  • Mine is partial previa and all they told me was no intercourse.  I made the mistake of googling as well and I'm scared to do anything.  I'm still practicing yoga once a week but making sure I avoid all positions that put pressure on the pelvic floor.  I hope yours resolves itself soon!
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  • Me too (and GL to you too!).  The only thing that is really troubling me is the consistency of my Braxton Hicks contractions.  They started at 15w, and I've noticed them every day - but try to rationalize their existence .  I've told myself its because I can recognize them better the 2nd time around. I didn't even realize I was having contractions for DD #1 until they stuck a monitor on me before my induction.  Or that I need to drink more water and lay down, reduce my stress level, etc.

    My next scan is 7 weeks away.  I think I will just let this be a reminder to take it easy through the holidays.  Regardless of my placenta - this should be good advice for baby and me. 

  • I had complete anterior placenta previa with my son.  My doctor (Family Medicine) told me I had to be on pelvic rest.  I saw a perinatologist who told me as long as I hadn't had any issues with bleeding (which I hadn't) and as long as I continued to not have any issues, I could just proceed with normal activity (including sex).  I think it depends on the physician but it seems that newer physicians are leaning more toward that mentality rather than the conservative pelvic rest of older docs.

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  • Also, my Placenta Previa completely resolved by 32 weeks and I delivered vaginally.

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  • I have a complete placenta previa. After a bleed, they had me on modified bed rest for a few days, now pelvic rest. No sex, no orgasms, no lifting, no exercise, etc, etc, blah blah blah. Major pain. I hope mine moves and I can deliver vaginally. I'd say, go with whatever your doctor said, and do what makes you comfortable. If you don't feel up to moving the books, don't do it. 

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  • Thanks!  I like the advice of "do what makes you feel comfortable".  I won't abuse it, but will definitely get someone else to move the boxes!    O:-)

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