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Constipation is finally getting better!

I have been super constipated for several weeks now. Days in between bowel movements, and when I do go, they're the dreaded hard to pass 'pellets'. It has been making me crazy!

But then, all of the sudden this week, it seems to have let up! I am so greatful, and hoping that it sticks.

No real changes to my diet, so I'm not sure what brought this on. I did stop taking my zofran- thinking that it might somewhow be related?

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Re: Constipation is finally getting better!

  • Mine has gotten much better too! All I can think of is that I'm drinking even more water and some veggies juices.
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  • I just went from constipation to diareah! No clue why. At first I thought it was something I had eaten, but it's continued for several days.
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  • Mine has also gotten better in the past week which I am way more than thankful for!! It is so painful when you can't go.  I've finally been able to drink more water without feeling super nausous so I think that has helped and I've been able to take less of my Zofran which i'm sure has helped too.  Either way.. I'm very glad!  I also had diareaha (sp?) last weekend which was soooo strange to me.  But it only lasted one day for just a little bit so I assume everything is alright. Glad to know I"m not the only one going thru all of this. :)
  • I am 11weeks and have been suffering with constipation since about 6weeks. I have lost 9lbs which is a shock to me since im so backed up! My doctor has taken me off of prenatals with iron and has me on four stool softeners a day until we can get this under control. Im glad I can have some hope that this will let up!
  • I am at 11 weeks and my heart goes out to all of you ladies!  I have suffered from constipation for the last 6 weeks! Doc has me on 3-4 stool softners a day and it seems to help a tiny bit.  Only thing to do is hope & pray that it gets better! 
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  • Hi,

     Help!  I have been constipated for days and like you, when they do come out its like pebbles on a beach.  I was already an IBS sufferer so the pregnancy has made it worse.

    However, I have increased my water in-take, vegetables are a must and I started my yoga sessions on yesterday.  Oh yeah, V-8 is the greatest. 

     Hopefully, I will feel better soon and you too.

     Congratulations to you.

  • I started taking my prenatals at night instead of the morning and I thought thats what was helping my constipation. But maybe its just the timing, I'm almost 11 weeks, but I will continue to take them at night. That was no fun. Oooh the joys of growing babies:
  • Mine was super bad for several weeks and let up around week 9 or 10. I took the softener if it had been a day with no movement. Eating smaller meals, drinking lots of water, and going as soon as I needed to helped me through it.
  • Lucky you!  I'm 11 weeks and despite having mad cravings for fruit, and drinking heaps of water, I'm still struggling.  It's nice to know I'm not alone in this...the pebble poop was freaking me out!  I hope everyone gets some relief soon :)


  • I am SO glad I am not the only one who is suffering!! Wink I had it really bad weeks 7-9, I am 11 weeks now and seems to be getting a lot better, I got some vegetarian prenatals and that helped "enormously" lol so dont give up girls theres hope!! Right now the heartburn is what's killing me! I can drink water and I'll get indigestion Sad But when you feel that flutter it makes it all worth it!! Big Smile 
  • Any suggestions on foods to help?
  • At 11 weeks and mine still is not letting up. I have been on average only going every 4 days, which is very scary. And for me, it's not pebbles.... the complete opposite! Feels like it will never get better!
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