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UCSD labor and delivery/birth center

Hello all,

I see some women have already given birth and just curious if anyone has had a recent birth at UCSD in hillcrest. I'm 35 weeks and recently took the hospital tour. I left more anxious. I'm nervous if we should park in the structure or valet, and whether my husband should drop me off (alone) at the birth tower first then park/valet. I'm also nervous about how many residents and students will be providing care instead of doctors/nurses. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I gave birth at UCSD 5 weeks ago and I had the most amazing experience! I planned to give birth in the birthing center, but after my water broke, I did not increase dialation for 12 hours. I had a midwife who provided service and a nurse, Pat, who was amazing. They did everything so that I could stay in the center (including castor oil, helping me walk around,etc). I had to be transferred to teh 2nd floor to be induced, and the service was just as amazing. The midwife followed me to the 2nd floor to watch me- so pretty much I felt like I was at the birthing center. I had only 1 MD resident who was watching our birth- they asked for permission beforehand, and I said yes. She kept her distance and just watched from afar. I had resident doctor afterwards for the pediatrics- ut she was so amazing that I asked her to be our doctors when we took our baby to the UCSD pediatrics after. I would recommend valet first and then move to the structure when time permits. If its after hours, you can park in emergency on the side of the building and then move your car ater. If you do valet then you husband can drop off the car at the front and go with you. good luck!
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  • My hubby dropped me off at the front and parked. Its usually not urgent when you show up to the hospital. You may have to get through a few contractions by yourself though. I Gave birth in the birthing center and was really happy with the experience. I had a MW, nurse and nursing student but its my understanding that they have to ask you first about the presence of a student. I also used there doula service which was awesome.
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  • Thank you! Starting to feel better about everything already and hoping for the same happy experience!
  • Im giving birth there as well inJan. I chose it because I was brought to UCSDs trauma center when i was in an accident in 2011. I was in the hospital for 9 days and have had 7 surgeries there. I know its not labor and delivery but my experience at UCSD has been amazing so i imagine it will be the same with giving birth. I think you'll have a good experience.
  • I have my daughter at UCSD Hillcrest and it was the best experience ever. I was originally supposed to deliver in the birth center, but complications force me to the labor and delivery unit. My doula was amazing and I highly recommend their volunteer doula service called helping hands doula program. It is a complimentary service provided by the hospital and I could not have done it without my doula Concepcion. The nurse midwives were equally wonderful, as was the entire team. We were in the hospital total of 3 days and the care we received was exceptional. I cannot recommend them enough. Good luck with everything.
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