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Sad intro :(

I'm sad to be on this board. I had a NMC yesterday at the hospital , I was 8w4d. I had the horrible feeling about this bc I never had any pg symptoms- I had a ton with DS. It was such an emotional day, and today is looking like its going to be as well. It's Thanksgiving so I'm focusing on being thankful for dh and DS but I suspect it'll ate a while to return to normal. I caught my poor baby and held him :( Ugh.... So sad. Poor dh is pretty torn up too. And DS has a stomach bug. My poor little family is a hot mess.
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BFP 1: 9/19/11 , DS born 5/28/12 @ 41 weeks
BFP 2: 11/8/13, NMC 11/27/13 @ 8w4d, we love you sweet baby!
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Re: Sad intro :(

  • Sorry for your loss. I hope your DS feels better soon. Thoughts and prayers to your family during this time.
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  • So sorry for you loss. ((Hugs)) to you and your family.
    Me: 28 DH: 30 
    TTC-January 2013
    BFP#1--September 2013 (EDD 5/30/2014)--D&C for Missed MC @ 9 weeks 3 days
    BFP#2--August 2014 (EDD 4/30/2015) --hoping this is our rainbow!

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  • I'm very sorry for your loss! Hugs to you.
    TTC: Since July 2013
    BFP #1: EDD 05/27/2014 (D&C 10/17/2014)
  • Im so sorry. You'll be in our prayers
  • Sorry for your loss :(
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    MMC discovered 11/25/13 at 10 weeks. D&C 11/27/13.
    BFP 2/8/14 Beta#1: 176, Prog 18! Beta#2:335, Prog, 19.5!
    EDD 10/16/2014

  • So sorry. It's so hard. I was 7 weeks and I had a bad feeling the whole time too. Even though we saw a heartbeat, I just couldn't get over no symptoms, except sore breasts. Hope you are feeling better and resting.
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