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Thoughts on Harper?

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Sorry for another name poll. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut about names because I know these posts can get annoying. DH & I have finally agreed on both liking Harper. But I still hesitate. Just wanting some last minute opinions. Her mn would be Anne because it's the same as MIL & SIL.

Thanks ladies!
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Thoughts on Harper? 220 votes

It's cute
72% 160 votes
It's cute but for a boy
1% 3 votes
Too popular
17% 39 votes
Don't like it at all
7% 17 votes

Re: Thoughts on Harper?

  • I love Harper for a girls name. :)
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  • I think Harper is such a cute name, especially for a girl. My deterrent is that in Canada, our prime minister is Harper and he's a total douche (IMO, lol) but don't let that stop you! I named my son Nixon and I'm sure people from the US think I'm bonkers.
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  • I love it! It's one of our girls names too but I do worry about it getting super popular.
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  • I like Harper, but it is too trendy for me. If that doesn't bother you, go for it!
  • It's a cute name, but definitely getting more and more popular. Two of my coworkers and college classmate all named their daughters this past year.

  • @Laroo0220 Yeah, that makes me a little hesitant as well. Especially with Beckham, Neil P Harris, & Dave Grohl having named their daughter that. However, our other ones we can agree on are also pretty popular. Naming her would be easy if I didn't let DH have a say  ;)
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  • It's on my short list as well! Love it! :)

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  • I love it, but partial to it since that's what we're naming LO :) as far as popularity goes, I'm a teacher and don't know any Harpers yet! Of course it varies from place to place, some areas might be swarmed with it- for us it's classes full of Sophia's and Lily's!
  • I think it's very cute but very popular.
  • I love it, but agree its popular at the moment.
  • That was our pick for a girl. I absolutely love it. But we are team blue. I do not like for a boy.
  • I think it's cute for a girl but too trendy.
  • Harper is the middle name that we chose for a girl!
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  • Harper is one of 2 names for a girl that DH and I can actually agree on, so I'm a fan! The only thing holding me back is I come from a nickname family and there's no good nickname in my book.

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  • There is a little boy on our street named Harper that is ds's age, so I do think of it as a boy name; but my sister always refers to that little boy as "ds's friend who has the girl name"

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    I feel your pain. It's been our girl name for 5 years. We have two boys and didn't think we would have any more. Now here we are with #3 and I can't find a name I like as much even though I know it's too popular. To too it off, it's my DH's grandpas name!
  • That's a GREAT middle name!!! ;) ... I really like Harper, too.
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    It's a BOY!!! Can't wait to meet Miles Garrett! 

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  • Harper is one of 2 names for a girl that DH and I can actually agree on, so I'm a fan! The only thing holding me back is I come from a nickname family and there's no good nickname in my book.

    Definitely! I thought about that too. Lol Har har? Harp? Harpey? Meh
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  • I really love the name Harper but it definitely is super popular right now. 
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  • i have a friend with a 3 year old daughter named harper. thought it was weird when i met her, but now i love it!

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  • I love Harper for a girls name, but one of my good guy friends from high schools last name was Harper and that's what I always calle him. Ugh. Now anytime I saw I think of him and it's annoying.
  • We are naming our daughter Harper Rae. My 5 year old is Graysen Olivia. I really don't care if it is popular or trendy because I love it. My name Melissa was the most popular the year I was born and I rarely run into Melissa's.
  • Love it for a girl
  • I love the name Harper! Unfortunately for me, it would fit horribly with our last name.
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  • I don't really care for it, but I'm not a big fan of many "newer" names.  My friend named her son Harper, and calls him Harp.  I see it as a unisex name.
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  • Its the Prime Minister here...and a conservative who I have some not nice thoughts about his political views....I would side eye someone naming thier kid Harper...but then I might feel differently if I wasn't in Canada. 

    We don't live up north or are going to canada anytime soon so I'm not too worried about that. Also I had no idea the PM of Canada was named that. Lol classic ol' American ignorance ;)
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  • I LOVE the name Harper. DH isnt a fan and we both have the power to veto any name we don't like. But this would probably be my top choice. 

    However, I'm in Canada and it's our prime minister's last name so there's a bit of a weird connotation there that wouldn't last forever. 
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