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I HATE football season!!!!

I did not always hate football season. It wasn't exactly my favorite time of year, but usually I could find something to do while DH watched football. NOW, NOW, aside from staying at home with LO during the week now it's basically just me on Sunday too. Lately LO has also been completely boycotting naps, so he gets super grouchy and impossible to deal with I'm trying to finish up chores and DH is watching whatever game he HAS to watch while bouncing LO on his knee while he fusses and cries.

It's like every week we have the exact same conversation and I just can't do it anymore. Right now LO is SCREAMING in his crib while I hope he falls asleep for a nap and DH of course is watching his giants game and adds his comment of "doesn't sound like he's gonna nap huh?"

Ok vent over, I guess I'll go rescue LO from the terror that is apparently his crib.

Re: I HATE football season!!!!

  • I feel your pain, although mine isn't due to football.  My husband is going to grad school part time.  So when the weekend rolls around he spends the whole time studying and doing homework which means I rarely get a break from my DS.  DS has become super cranky the past couple days too which is really trying on my patience.  I just have to focus on the fact that DH will be done with school in June and hopefully will give me a break on the weekends.


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  • DH is usually very helpful, so Sundays get annoying cause he's in 2 fantasy football leagues & bets on games with a couple of coworkers, so it's like there is never a game on that he's not interested in.
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  • I hate football but for other reasons. But I hate wrestling season since DH coaches so he's gone all.the.time. So I feel your pain.
  • I also hate football season, DH does the whole fantasy thing which I just don't understand. You shouldn't be rooting both for and against your favorite team!

    This year I am thankful that we haven't hooked up the cable since we moved and we can't even get the local channels so no football in our house.

  • I love football season, but I feel your pain. Could you get out of the house on Sundays for a while? Go shopping or something and let the baby sleep in the carrier, or hang at a friend's house- give him some time to miss you guys? Or if he doesn't miss you guys, he could do your housework during commercial breaks?
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  • This weekend was rough cause LO has been on a nap boycott and we had to get the apartment in shape for guests, so we spent almost all day Saturday alternating who was cleaning and who was keeping LO occupied so when Sunday rolled around I suggested that we all get out for a while since LO still refused to nap and we had been in the apartment all day the day before. This was met with "oh I thought you just meant just you two" I wanted to scream! Yes I totally meant that I wanted to go out with LO just me and him nevermind that that is my all day, every day. So I took LO to the mall while DH watched football and did some of the dishes (none of the bottles of course cause "I don't know how you wash those").

    End second rant.

    He's actually going to a game on the 8th so that'll be nice, I don't mind it being just me when it's literally just me, I mind when he's home and it still feels like it's just me.
  • I don't mind it being just me when it's literally just me, I mind when he's home and it still feels like it's just me.

    This. I couldn't possibly agree more! I don't mind being home with DS 75+ hours a week, and even letting DH watch his college games all Saturday, and even football on Sunday... As long as there's SOME help. If he doesn't bother to help with anything at all, ever-- he might as well not be home.

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