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Swelling post partum...

Anyone having swelling in their legs post partum? I had some while pregnant but now it's back. Is this normal? OB will get a call on Monday...

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  • My hands and feet were SO swollen for the first week after Jack was born.. No leg swelling, so in glad you're going to run it by your doctor. Mine subsided by week 2.
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  • With DS my legs (especially ankles) swelled an insane amount PP. To the point that my ankles fell over my feet (I no longer had ankle bones showing - just swelling). Went away over the 2 weeks PP...

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  • I only swelled post partum it was crazy. Happened with both my kids and I imagine it will this time too.
  • I'm super swollen.
    I gave birth to a 7 pound baby and I have only lost 3 pounds. My feet and legs are the worst of it

  • Yup totally! my ankles and legs have been as if not more swollen than they already were pregnant. The drs and nurses weren't concerned since there was no pain or redness, but they didn't offer an explanation.
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  • Mine got that way too and it only took a week to go down.  I had forgotten how skinny my feet and ankles actually are!  lol



  • I did not have have swelling post-partum, but I think it is worse if you are on an IV in the hospital throughout labor. It may take a while for your kidneys to catch up and excrete all the fluid. I had a severe issue with low fluid levels during weeks 33 until I had my baby, and it took about 2 weeks from discharge for my system to finally adjust.
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  • My legs, feet and hands are all swollen. It hurts. The nurses at the hospital weren't concerned and said to rest a lot and keep my feet elevated. One even told me it was because of the epidural. Hope we get relief soon!

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  • Big time! It was bad enough past couple of months now its worse! They said day three was worse and should settle now but it's very difficult to find a balance between getting up and getting some exercise and keeping your legs elevated!
    I've also noticed my tongue is now swollen! Dr suspects that was the pain mess I was on after delivery so we'll see if that subsides now
  • I had horrible swelling for almost 2 weeks after birth. Elevating my legs just displaced the fluid. I finally got relief drinking tons of water and eating watermelon and asparagus(both are dirutics but didn't effect breastfeeding.
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  • I had Jack on Wendesday and on Thursday I tried to bend my knee and realized it was only bending about 1/4 of what it normally does. I looked down and realized my legs were about twice the size they normally were.
    Everything from the hips down is ridiculously swollen. My knees are bigger than they ever were after my knee surgeries. I have two scars on my left thigh that are normally completely flat; those scars are raised and puffy from all the fluid pushing on them. My ankles no longer exist. The tops of my feet are being pushed up and over my toes...not even my flip flops will fit.
    I was told it's completely normal and that it will get worse before it gets better. I was also told that it'll last about two weeks or so. I get a little relief when I prop my feet/lower legs up on some pillows. Not much, but some.
  • Yes, totally normal. It's all the fluids in your body. My feet were ridiculous for a week after having ds2.


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  • It's definitely normal. It's caused by all the fluid they pump into you. I'm sure there are other reasons too, but my dr. was clear that I should expect some degree of swelling after delivery, even if I had none while pregnant, which I didn't.
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