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Did I miscarry???

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Don't read this if your squeamish. I was told I would miscarry on Monday, bleeding was light and cramping was bearable. Tuesday and Wednesday cramping was unbearable in the evening, had to go to bed, bleeding was heavier with smallish clots. Bleeding was heavier today(Friday) and feeling woozy since this morning but cramping is bearable. Was lying in bed and I felt something slip outta me, thought I has soaked the bed but when I ran to the bathroom to check it looked like a massive blood clot, egg shaped but thin, it's hard (not jelly like blood clots) and there's a small string ,like a umbilical cord attached. It's not see through, I've read the sac is meant to be white. Do you think it's the sac I passed. I just want it to be over

Re: Did I miscarry???

  • Have you been checked, yet? I know it's hard with the holiday weekend... *hugs!!*
  • I have a scan Tuesday kelcistanfield. Hopefully all is well. Feeling a lot better so I'd say it's all over. Just wanna get on with my life now x
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  • That sounds like what I passed before my d&c. She told me it was part of my uterine lining.
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