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Today was supposed to be happy

Today was the day we were going to announce to our family that I was 3 months with my 1st :(. I miscarried 2 weeks ago. Today being thanksgiving is going to be a tough one. Thinking about all you ladies today and praying we can all get thru this together

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  • I hear and feel your pain and sorrow. I myself just had to induced labor yesterday for our demised son.
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    I'm very sorry to hear this, Campow83.  I am going through the same exact thing myself.  I went to the Doctor for an ultrasound with my husband this past Monday and it displayed an empty sac.  We were trying for our first baby and are relatively young, and very healthy so we never expected the empty hole we saw.  My husband said his heart dropped, and I was completely shocked and numb.  I can't stop reliving the doctor's face changing from cheery to deadpan.  He then ripped the film out of the ultrasound machine and hid it in his pocket.  I've not had any spotting, cramps, etc. so he figures it's a miscarriage that hasn't taken nature's course yet.  I was sent for blood tests to measure my HCG and called today for my results.  The first lab tech didn't fulfill the order for the HCG even though she took 5 vials of blood, so now I have no results to compare.  I feel so empty, disappointed and "cruel joke" comes to mind.  The doctor I spoke to today said not to give up hope, and that this pregnancy might still be salvageable, and I'm a faithful/praying girl, but I am absolutely prepared for a miscarriage b/c I can't take any hope to only be let down in a couple days.  I feel my period on the horizon so I expect it'll be over in the next 24-48 hours.  What a terrible Thanksgiving this has been.  I'm not as far along as you are, I think more like 7 weeks, so I am very sorry you went through this turmoil for weeks longer.   You just don't hear about this side of pregnant often, but it makes sense since I don't plan to tell anyone besides this anonymous board.   Best wishes for the two ladies above...
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    Same here campow. We intentionally waited for today to reveal since it would have been the end of the first tri which I was so excited to get through. But just when we thought we were safe it all came crashing down. Had a tv us at 9wk4 and everything was perfect. One week later my OB could not get a HB and it still measured 9wk4 days. Most shocking and horrible day of my life. Had d/c last week. So sorry for everyone going through the same thing. It amazes me and ticks me off how common this is.
  • Looks like I'm in the same boat. I would have been 10 weeks and the plan was to tell our families today. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago we found out that I had a blighted ovum and had a D&C last week. I am still rather emotional about it because we'd been trying for a year and a half to get pregnant. This isn't an easy time of the year to deal with this grief. In fact, it's horrible. I'm so sorry for all of us ladies. I pray we'll all get healthy babies in 2014.
  • I'm very sorry! I totally get it. We were going to announce to the in-laws in person this weekend and my family in person at Christmas. I was to be 14w now. It sucks to say the least! Thinking of you and hoping our rainbow babies come in 2014!!!
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  • I miscarried too.. I know how all of u feel ladies.. No matter how lifeless my baby was it was still my own.. And now it's gone.. But it's gonna b ok for all of us.. This shall pass too..
  • So very sorry for your loss and that you were feeling this way. We were also going to announce Thanksgiving and it was hard not to think about. ((hugs)) 
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  • We were also going to announce for thanksgiving, but when my family decided to celebrate early, we went ahead and told them then, two weeks ago today. As fate would have it, I miscarried as soon as we got home from the party. Seeing everyone for the real thanksgiving this week was the first confrontation. Though I was completely dreading spending the day with my unhappily pregnant SIL, it wasn't as excruciating as I anticipated.

    Wishing you the same luck and some extra peace through the holiday season. xx
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