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DH is nesting

DH is in the garage putting up heavy duty shelves to store his home brew stuff along cleaning/organizing the garage.  He also did most of the set up and organization of the nursery.  When I was pregnant with DS, I had the nest bug bad and DH would laugh at me.  This time around, I do not have the need to nest at all but suddenly DH is going through closets and junk drawers.  he-he-he............  
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Re: DH is nesting

  • I wish my dh would even act like thinhs were changing at all
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  • Lol cute :) better than him making messes!
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  • Mine organized the garage a couple weeks ago ... Does that count? Haha.
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  • I'm nesting. A lot. I clean the house every day. No necessarily deep cleaning, just routine stuff but I can't relax if the floors are dirty.

    DH is "man nesting". He has washed waxed, and gassed up my car (our hospital vehicle) twice in the last week. He put up our lights and tree (two things I usually do but no ladder for me this year). In addition to my freezer meals he has stocked the deep freezer with enough meat to last us through the Apocalypse.

    ...we are ready. This baby needs to get out.
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  • Mine is nesting as well, I do not have that nesting bug I try to get a few things here or there but I'm still not allowed on my feet much....
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  • I would love it if it mine would! He could care less what the house looks like!
  • Both me and the bf have nesting. To the point we seperated all the hand me downs and new clothes by size. It was a loooooot of clothes....
  • I wish at least one of us would nest! The house needs it!
  • He's not nesting, but he's started reading a ton about birth and newborns on his own, which I think is super cute.
  • Mineis nesting too, which is convenient because I'm back on bed rest. It makes me feel guilty at times, but our house looks better than it has in years. My contribution is the stack of diapers in our room and the outfit/swaddle blanket all ready for baby on the pack n play next to my bed.
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  • DH did the garage yesterday. Fit all 3 cars in! Woo hoo! He also did a bunch of yard work and picked up doggie business. Now if he could only keep the house clean after I clean it...
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  • Mine started nesting this weekend. He braved Walmart on Black Friday to buy closet organizers and cleaning supplies. He rearranged two closets. Moved furniture. Dusted the back of the headboard. Scrubbed the showers and toilets. Organized the kitchen cabinets. Then he cleaned all three vehicles and swept the garage. I honestly dont think I've ever seen him like this. I'm going in for my induction (preeclampsia) later today after 11 weeks of bedrest so all I can say is, go daddy go!
  • That's awesome! I haven't felt the need to do the whole deep cleaning and organizing thing either :( I get tired just thinking about it!

    Me too!!! And none of my friends understand that I just don't have the nesting gene... I think about it, and want things clean (not to say they're filthy), but I work so much and that mixed with being 9 months pregnant, makes this nesting thing an impossibility IMO
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  • Yes mine was nesting big time while LO and I were in hospital. He's cleaned the house top to bottom and I mean CLEANED! Bought a robot vac, and all the final bits and pieces for the nursery. Tidied my work space up and set up the playpen, installed shelving, done all the washing. Now he's making dinner. *sigh* could get used to this :)
  • We got the baby's room ready this weekend, car base installed, Christmas decor up, and I got my hospital bag packed. The majority was instigated by me and then he helped with what he had to help with. But didn't put up a fight at all, he saw what huge progress the place made since Wednesday and he wanted to leave the light on in the baby's room last night so he could glance at it as he walked by, lol. The only thing left on my list is to do some stuff in the garage and that has to be done by him, probably next weekend.
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