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NBR- what do you guys think of this?


So I saw this on Yahoo this morning and it got me thinking, do people really think she is a bully? I mean is our definition of bully in this country so skewed now that this is seen as bullying? This all started when this mom changed her facebook picture to the one in the article with the question "what's your excuse?". Keep in mind that she is a fitness trainer and fitness is very important to her. She never put anyone down, but made comments about how she feels like obesity in this country is being celebrated and that there is a difference in accepting yourself and trying to be healthy/better yourself; and then there is "accepting yourself" by giving up etc. 

I know I'm not in perfect physical shape, and when DD is born it's going to take work to get back into shape, but I want to take care of my body so that I can enjoy and play with my child. I will NEVER be a model size because of my body structure, bone size, etc. but I can take care of myself and be healthy. Everyone's healthy is different, and I think that is the point she is trying to make. But the media calling her a bully and facebook banning her for "hate speech" when nothing in her quotes come off as "hate" seems a little over the top to me. So the bigger issue here to me is that we have a misconstrued idea of what bullying is in this country and when anyone says anything mildly offensive to your own self image or if you were already feeling bad about something, someone else pointing it out becomes bullying.. Uggh people need to recognize what bullying really is. And plus also, anyone you ask will tell you that obesity IS a huge problem in our country and she is right, a lot of times, it's not school lunches or society that is the problem, it DOES start with choices made at home. I'm not talking about slightly overweight people (which technically I could fall into sometimes) but truly obese people who do NOT have medical reasons causing their struggles, but bad lifestyle choices...

IDK, I just think this is a classic example of mountain out of molehill type stuff.... So just for fun, what do you ladies think? Is she a bully? Is she wrong? 
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Re: NBR- what do you guys think of this?

  • Hahabyeah had to giggle a little at "2n amendment rights", I'm a middle school civics teacher. But yeah, the whole bullying thing is SO overblown. I know there is more than when we were kids because of cyber bullying, and I know there are real cases that kids are truthfully being bullied so I don't want to make light of it. But this is not bullying. We're so concerned with being PC and not hurting people's feelings that we can't speak the truth because it's "mean". Whatever.
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  • I don't think is bullying, but I think she also needs to realize that people with body shapes other than hers can also be healthy. Look at the women in Renoir paintings- they are chubby by today's standards but that doesn't make them any less beautiful.
    If you read her posts, and look at her blog, she makes it very clear that everyone's healthy is different. Her comments were that loving yourself and accepting,but wanting to progress yourself is different from just "accepting" your shape if you are unhealthy.  I saw the picture when it blew up a couple months ago and thought "that's great for her" but I didnt put much energy into it. After reading this article, I went and looked at her blog and she goes into details about how her mother's own unhealthy lifestyle affected her and her own body image struggles. She also has posted pictures on her facebook and blog of her stretch marks and other things which would be seen as imprefections by society and makes a point to say that as long as you are taking care of your body that size is less relevant. I just think it's wild that people say she is fat shaming. I dont see it. 
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  • I think everyone is hyper sensitive over this cyber bullying BS. I know it does exist, but IMO like 99.9% is avoidable by turning your damn computer off! and/or blocking and unfollowing people you find offensive or who are harassing you.
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  • I saw this and thought it was so silly. This lady is trying to be a good influence. She never said you have to be a size two with defined abs to be healthy. In her interviews she's clear that health is about good nutrition and exercise, not looking like a fitness model. I really don't understand the hypersensitivity either what she posted wasn't offensive or unrealistic. She's not in a bikini with a two day old baby saying what's your excuse!
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