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I honestly don't know how much lower my stomach can drop without my LO just falling out :(. My dog has not left me alone for the last 3 days, I go to the kitchen she is glued to my side. I go to the bathroom she sits outside the door and whimpers until I come out. I'm just ready for her to be here already, please come today or tomorrow before you drive mom up the wall, thanks

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  • Hang in there! 

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  • @kkdragonfly thanks :) how are you doing with your LO?


  • 74dragonfly74dragonfly
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    @kkdragonfly thanks :) how are you doing with your LO?

    We are doing well. Thanks for asking. I'm so happy he is here and doing well.

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  • I feel ya! sometimes I'm convinced she's going to fall right out too :-(
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  • Ugh, I feel ya. She's so low, everything is uncomfortable now.
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  • Then in a few weeks your dog can be like this!

    Look at that hair!!

    Hang in there @skylight21, contrary to what it may feel like that baby WILL be out soon!!
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  • @Skylight21 Sorry girl! That sucks.
    @Soozerella That picture is so sweet. I am so worried about how my pup will do when baby gets here...

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    *really traumatic recovery*

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