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Moving in!

Moved into a new house today to make more room for the twins to arrive in a few months! We decided to move out of our 2 bedroom condo and into a bigger 4 bedroom house. We know with the twins we will be needing a lot of help so the guest rooms will come in very handy next year!! Now I'm headed to my wife's high school reunion (10 yrs) for an open bar!!!
How is everyone else's weekend going?
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Re: Moving in!

  • Went to DuBois PA to see extended family and to have a memorial for a great uncle who died earlier in the year.  I knew that he was extremely smart but I didn't realize that his real passion was in protesting and helping the underdog.  One of my cousins said that when Occupy Wall Street was just starting she was in New York City and he was showing her around.  Everyone that was there knew by name me Great Uncle.
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  • Since this post was written on my birthday, I will share.

    Went out for a very early breakfast, followed by a trip to the mall.  It was dead and quiet, so we will be making the Saturday morning after Thansgiving a tradition in our family.  Watched Penn State come into Camp Randall and beat the Badgers on Senior Day, which really sucked.

    Went to Eddie Martini's Steakhouse for dinner while the boy hung out at my parents.  It was awesome being two adults without the kid for a few hours.  Had a 10 oz. fillet with garlic butter, and a huge baker.

    Man, when those twins are toddlers.......words cannot describe, my friend.  I look at my walking tornado, and I cannot even imagine.


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