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Dear Baby Nola,

Please decide to make your grand enterance this weekend. I know what with the holidays you've got a busy schedule of appearances and such but I'd really like to meet you while I'm still sane. Now I know your sisters were more of the casual party guests but being a tad early is never a bad thing! I've said it once and I will say it again, if you're early you're on time! It's sort of my motto.

We have a lot of amenities out here. Toys, other kids to play with, and well your dad...he's pretty cool. I know new environments can be scary but I promise there will be familiar sounds and those jabs you've felt, those are just your sisters way of welcoming you.

Now, should you decide that the next 48 hrs are not preferable for travel know that we won't keep bugging you. As with all our girls you'll come in your own time. I just figured no harm in asking.

Oh ya and all the cheering you'll hear tonight, mom is going to a sporting event, it's not usually THAT loud out here (GO AZTECS!!).

With all the love and hopefulness I have,


P.s. Please be advised this is your two weeks notice. At the end of said two weeks you may be evicted.



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Re: Dear Baby Nola,

  • Too cute! Maybe the game will do it? ;)
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  • Haha your letter is much nicer than what I've been saying to my LO.
    I was two weeks early with both my girls. Nora is stubborn and I think she's trying to crawl out through my mouth. Good Luck! Maybe you'll get home from the game get some rest and she'll be ready :)
  • I'm so with you! I asked my LO oh-so-kindly to please make his appearance this weekend. I'd really like to meet him like right NOW. Also - it would be easier to to work out my maternity/vacation/leave if I just don't have to go to the office at all in December.

    Oh, and The Bump, I realize I only have "3 days left!" until my due date. I'm not sure what that's going to read on Wednesday when LO still hasn't arrived - but if you're all congratulatory like I've had a baby I might punch you. Fair warning.
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  • Hear, hear! I'm having a similar moment this morning where I'm feeling a little this is going to last forever! I know I'm nowhere near late yet, but I've officially hit a wall.
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  • I'm hoping our rivalry game is so intense it puts me into labor!!! Go Clemson!!!!
  • Well said! I've been having constant contractions for three days (but they vary between 10 - 40 mins) so yesterday I've resorted to telling lo to "Get Out" all day and evening. God I hope she comes in the day or two. These contractions are killing me and I no longer have ankles as they are beyond swollen.
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  • If your letter works, I'm going to be pissed ;).  I've turned a corner from being nice, like you, to polite begging, to bargaining and now moving into frustration/depression.  Throw in an anger stage in there too, but I'm not mad AT her.

    I picture her pointing and laughing at me.  A lot.image





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  • This might be the cutest eviction notice yet!


  • I bought a pineapple today, I seriously want this kid to come on his own. I have to deliever at a hospital that has a 50% c-section rate and my idiot dr is pro csections because it is easier....
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  • I've been telling LO to get out since the moment my BabyQ shower at exactly 37 weeks was over. At 38 weeks today, I want her out. OUT I say! Though DH wants her to wait until 4pm at least when the Ohio State Michigan game is sure to be over (go Buckeyes!). My older brother was 3 weeks early, I was 11 days early, and my little brother was 2 weeks early. Now DH and his siblings...they were all late. In regards to size, at least, this one has been taking after me. Hopefully as far as her grand arrival, she does the same. I'm taking bets on FB. My uncle is currently not my favorite person as he wants her to be born on his birthday...9 days AFTER she's due. I will punch him.
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  • Haha that is so cute! I wouldn't mind my LO coming early too!
    Welcome Lily Anna!
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  • This was cute and cheered up my shitty morning :)


  • So cute! I'm right there with ya! My feet and ankles are now swollen, my carpal tunnel is out of control and I just feel like a huge marshmallow puff! I'm definitely at the super uncomfortable stage.


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  • While my husband has been talking to our LO every night telling him that he is welcome to join our family at anytime, I keep telling LO that he is welcome to stay put for one more week :)

    Not bumping on The Bump anymore

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  • Haha so cute! hope she listens!
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  • I haven't said anything to him yet because I assume he can hear my thoughts. DF has sweetly asked him to come on out and resorted to begging me to go into labor so he won't have to go to work. IVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I'd really love to avoid an induction because I'm really stressed about it but it looks like he is going to be stuborn :(

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