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Almost trampled!!

So we avoided Black Friday because ain't no body got time for that! Pushing shoving and cranky people don't mix with pregnancy hormones. But I had said that I wanted to go to The Circle of Lights. Huge Christmas event in Indianapolis every year. BIG MISTAKE. We decided to leave because the crowd was out of control and my two year old was getting cold. It was pure chaos. I had to result in yelling, "if you don't want my water to break on you please let me through!" Even a fireman couldn't get me out of the crowd. People were pushing me me and slamming into my stomach. I had to just keep pushing through and yelling. I swear I thought for sure my water was gonna break and I was going to have this baby on the side walk because I would be stuck!! I think I'll be staying in until my due date :)

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  • That sucks. I barely have patience for crowds when I am not pregnant. I can't imagine being in a crowd like that now.
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  • Although not a great testament to Indy, I do miss Indiana.  We moved 2 years ago.  That's nuts that people wouldn't let you through!
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  • I love it here too! We are moving to the western burbs of Chicago in a month so I wanted to be able to check this event off of my Indy bucket list :-(
  • Oh geez! That sounds like a nightmare! I'm glad you and your LO made it out alive :)

  • And it's stuff like this why all 3rd tri ladies should be issued tazers. Say something stupid like "you're looking huge these days" or "are you due like yesterday," BAM! Tazer! Won't let me through despite politely being asked then screamed at, TAZED! :)



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  • I would've had a panic attack. I hate crowds like that!

    I ended up having contractions until 1:30 in the am. Only 3 an hour but it was definitely stress induced!
  • I went black friday shopping and even though my feet were swollen as all hell...still sounds more enjoyable than that.
  • SIL was 3 weeks early because MIL almost got trampled on an escalator. Glad you escaped!
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