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Plans for other children for birth?

For any of you having baby #2, 3, etc., what are your plans for the child(ren) during the birth of this baby?  If you will be delivering at the hospital, how and when will you introduce your other child(ren) to the new baby?  

We have 4.5 yo DS and baby girl is due next Thursday via scheduled c-section.  I anticipate I will be in the hospital for possibly 3 days.  MIL will bring DS to school that Th morning to keep DS in routine of going to school.  Then from  there, we just don't know what will be best for our little guy!  We were thinking that MIL would pick him up from school and bring him to the hospital to meet his baby sister that afternoon, and then I was thinking maybe DH could go with MIL and DS to MIL's house to help DS get to sleep (DS has never slept at MILs house before...) and then DH come back to the hospital to stay with me, and then MIL would bring him to school the next day again.  But then we were wondering if it would be better to wait for DS to visit Friday so he doesn't have to see me but he can't stay with me?  DS is staying at my mom's Friday night and he is much more familiar with her and has slept there before, so we think he'll be better able to cope with leaving me at the hospital that night.  But I feel bad if we wait 2 days for DS to visit.  

I just don't know!  :/

What are your plans???

Re: Plans for other children for birth?

  • DD is 2 and I don't want her at the hospital until we're ready, I want to be showered and looking decent so I don't scare her. Also, when her and baby are first introduced I only want it to be hubby, her, baby, and I. Hubs will be holding baby because she's more attached to me and I don't want her thinking baby is in her spot.
    She'll stay with my mom one night, and then hubby is going to bring her home and take care of her in the evenings then take her back to my moms in the morning. He didn't sleep well at the hospital last time and it'd be stupid for us both to loose sleep while there and DD needs it to be as normal as possible. My sister is going to stay the night that DH isn't there.
    I'm sorry for the novel but I have stressed about this a lot and feel that this will be best. All of my family is here in town and they are all excited to watch her if needed.
  • Both of our families are from out of state, so we have his parents here for two weeks and then mine are coming to stay for two weeks once they leave. That's pretty much about it. They'll watch DS while I'm in labor and kind of help around the house while we're here. 

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  • My parents will be watching DS and DD1 while I am in labor. They will bring them to the hospital to visit shortly after the baby is born.
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  • DS is going to sleep at a friends house the night before my c-section because I have to be at the hospital at like 6am. They will bring him to school. DH will pick him up from after school care to spend the evening at the hospital. DH will take him home at night to sleep and then back to school the next morning. We will keep that going until I am released. Both families are out of state and not coming until after baby is born.
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  • We are lucky enough to have my parents near-by and a great relationship with them. I have
    my scheduled c-section on Monday morning and my parents are coming over on Sunday to stay the week with DS. We will take DS to preschool on Monday morning then, DH & my mom will head with me to the hospital. My dad will pick up DS from preschool in the afternoon and being him to the hospital for a little but then DS will head home with my parents. Not sure about all the other days in the hospital, but that is the plan for day 1 and the intros. Good luck to you!!!

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  • My folks are with us, so the girls will be home.
    We're giving them the day off school on BDay though.... They're quite possibly more excited about that than the baby! Jk. ;)
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  • My aunt will be staying at our house with DD while I'm in the hospital for my RCS. She will come to the hospital after school the day I deliver DS.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • This question has caused me a tremendous amount of stress.

    Our families are far away and not very reliable, so they won't be around to help. I think that we have friends who will be taking our 3 kids overnight. After my c-section when everything is o.k., my husband will go get the kids and take them to the hospital to see me and meet the baby.
    Then my husband will be going home with the kids, taking care of them, and bringing everyone back to visit the next day (and so on).

    We learned with our #3 that it is much more valuable for the kids to have dad at home then for me to have him at the hospital with me at night.
  • My parents live about 10 minutes from the hospital, so once I'm in labor and sure it's the real thing, we'll bring DD to their house and I actually plan to stay there a bit to labor a bit more. Then we'll go to the hospital and DD will stay with my parents. Not sure yet if DH will stay one night, or both-- it all depends on time of day LO is born. But I do want him to be the one to go get DD and bring her to the hospital to meet her sister.
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  • I also have a four year old son who is sooooo excited to meet his baby sister. We plan on having one of the grandparents keep him home until we get very close to having the baby and then bring him to the hospital. I think he would really freak the hell out if he was told he couldn't come up there and see us till the next day. He is a mommas boy so I'm sure he will be a little worried since I'm sure I'll be dog tired and look a lil rough!! But we want him to be apart of this (just not in the room when she comes.. That would scar me and him for life) I'm praying for a smooth transition hope yours is too!
  • My Mom will be staying at our house and taking care of DS. She'll also bring him to the hospital to visit. She only lives about 15 minutes away, so it should be pretty convenient.
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  • My mom is on her way now from New Hampshire (we're in North Carolina) to help out. She and my dad were here both previous times. When logan was born, they brought Charlie (then 21 months old) to the hospital that afternoon. Then we stayed the night, getting home around noon the next day. I needed my husband with me and my oldest was fine at home with my parents. This time around, it will be the same plan. Boys go to school so mom will mostly just be driving them around.
  • My boys will be staying with my parents an hour away. We will most likely drop them off at my cousins house on the way to the hospital and then have my parents pick them up there. I was hoping to go into labor this weekend because I'm already at my parents but we are going home this afternoon. I haven't thought about when they will meet her. It will work itself out. I can't worry about it anymore.
  • Our induction is scheduled for the 20th, so we are dropping DD off at her godmother's the night before. She will be bringing her up there to meet her baby brother an hour or so after we have LO, and then she will be taking her back with her until we get out of the hospital. She'll be back with us until Christmas (since this will be her first, and we all want to be together for it), then she's going down to the in-laws in FL for a week to give me some rest time with the newborn. I'm nervous because she's never been away from us for that long... like the longest has been a couple of hours for me, but everyone is stepping up, and we're definitely grateful!

    If LO comes before the 20th, I have no idea what we're going to do. I dread being in labor and chasing DD around before DH gets home, and I don't know who we would get to pick her up if we have to go to the hospital, but I'm sure we'd figure something out on the fly...


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  • We don't have any family in the area, so we have 2 sets of friends who have agreed to be on our "call list" when I go into labor.  One of the two will definitely be available and have said they will come over to our house to watch DS for the 3-7 hours it will take one of our families to get here.  Then whatever family arrives first will relieve our friends from duty until we get home from the hospital.

    DH said that once DS #2 is born and things settle down at the hospital, he will go home and visit with DS #1 just to make sure he doesn't think we've abandoned him!  Also we'd like to bring him to the hospital to see me and DS #2 at some point before we get discharged.  It all depends on when the baby is born, but whatever the first daytime hours in the hospital, we will try to bring DS #1 in then.

    Honestly I told DH I am more worried about DS #1 while we are in the hospital than I am about birthing the baby.  lol.  I've done childbirth and newborn care once before, but I don't want our 2.5 year old's life turned upside down too badly!
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