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Day 9 and still no milk, just colostrum :0(

My baby is 9 days old and does not latch on. I've been pumping but my milk has not come in yet only colostrum. Is something wrong with me?
What can I do to speed up the process. Please help.

Re: Day 9 and still no milk, just colostrum :0(

  • how long are you pumping for, and how often? Is it possible there is a bit of retained placenta left? That can inhibit milk production.
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  • Definitely talk to a lactation consultant or find your local La Leche League group.
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  • It should be in by least some I would think. I would talk to a LC.
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  • If you're able to pump any decent quantity of it - it's probably milk. Early milk is very yellow like colostrum though.
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