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About to lose my temper

I have been to L&D 4 times this week for a multitude of reasons.  I had flu-like symptoms, crazy contractions, and now...well I thought it was the hives.  Apparently it isn't.  I have the PUPPP on my belly, but that is no big deal. What we are really concerned about is that I have these bumps/blisters on my hands and feet.  It's only in those 2 places, but it has gotten awful.  The Drs can't figure out what it is, but it itches really terribly and hurts.  Nothing I do works.  Even the prescriptions they gave me have done nothing.  They say that starting this week, they want to check in on baby's growth and listen to the heart rate twice a week until the baby comes.  What the hell is going on?  :(  I'm tired of this.  The only thing I can think is that they're checking to see if it's safe for the baby to go ahead and come out for my safety or something.  Starting to get really anxious.

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  • Yeah, it's more of a rant.  Thanks.:)
  • I get really itchy blisters on my hands that are caused by an allergic reaction to nickel. It's a really common allergy a lot of people don't know they have it. Any prescription that my doc gave me did nothing but burn my skin, the only thing that helped was during the day aveeno hand lotion and at night polysporin cooling gel.


  • No advice..but that sounds miserable, I'm sorry

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  • I have PUPPS as well. It sucks and you're right, nothing helps. I agree they are probably monitoring you to see if you can be induced or not depending on how far along you are. Good luck and hope you feel better

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  • Blisters on hands & feet could be hand, foot & mouth disease. Idk though.
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  • I was also thinking hand foot and mouth, viral, self limited
  • A friend of mine just delivered early because she had what they believed was PUPPS but it turned out to be something called cholestasis. It is an issue with the liver that is dangerous for the baby. Symptoms include very itchy hands and feet. They couldn't figure out was wrong with her either but ran a blood test and it came back positive. Would you feel confidant in asking to be tested for that? Or did they cross that off already?
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  • I finally asked and they apparently ruled that out.  Idk what else it could be, but the medicine they gave me seems to just make it worse.  I'm supposed to see a dermatologist Monday morning, so I guess I'll just deal with it until then.
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