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Yucky taste before labor?

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks.. And as of a few hours ago I have had the worst taste ever in my mouth! ( kind of like a metallic yucky taste ... Reminds me of the first trimester (; )
Anyway, the two people I mentioned it to said that is a sign of labor..

Anyone else ever heard this? I never have.. So naturally, I googled it.. Ha.. I did find a few forums/articles saying it is true but there wasn't much on it. It says because of your hormones changing ... Blah blah blah.
Soooo... My question... Has anyone else experienced this right before going into labor? Or let's say... After being 35 weeks? It reminds me of being 12 weeks pregnant again!
I kind of think my friends are crazy then again I'm being pregnant paranoid because my DH works out of town and doesn't come back until late tomorrow night... So stay in there baby!
And I have no other labor signs... So, I'm convinced I'm not in labor! Gah

Re: Yucky taste before labor?

  • Wait... I know I am not in labor... ! Haha. And I'm hoping this baby cooks a few more weeks.
    This lazy bum needs to finish laundry... And stop turning the dryer on over and over because I don't want to fold and hang stuff. ):
    & eat that pumpkin pie...
  • Yeah, I usually write questions in my pregnancy journal and hope for a response.
    [Deleted User]
  • Huh?

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers 
    There is another kid, she's 10... 
    [Deleted User]
  • Nope. Can't say I have.
  • Thanks... I was thinking the same thing and it is strange to see all the google questions asking! I could probably search " is smelling like cheese a sign of labor? " and a million responses would probably come up for that too!

    I think I've heard of it for figuring out if you are pregnant as an early symptom but I'm not sure vie heard of it as an early symptom to labor? Off to talk to Dr. Google. :-)

    Aycul18dbucks[Deleted User]Ansleyturner
  • when I have to take my iron pill I have a metallic taste in my mouth that usually makes me sick for a few hours
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