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strange places that hurt

Hi ladies!
so just wondering if anyone else has been having pain in thier heels- especially when standing. I tried changing to tennis shoes ... didnt help.
Also as of yesterday I get these shooting pains in my upper thighs.

anyone else?

Re: strange places that hurt

  • Yup... I had the most painful pedicure of my life today. And not because I haven't seen my toes since September.
  • Sounds like plantar fascitis. Try gentle foot stretches.
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  • Tops of my thighs get shooting pain sometimes.
  • I had that same sounding pain in both feet about 2 years ago.  It lasted for about a year.  The only shoes that helped were Easy Spirit anti-gravity shoes.  I hope this isn't the case for you.  It did eventually go away.
  • As I'm reading this I was already rubbing my heel. For a week or so the left side of my right heel has felt bruised. Can't for the life of me remember doing it, don't know if it's pregnant related or not...then again, it seems anything could be anymore.
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