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Oh pregnancy brain...

I just went into the kitchen junk drawer to get a scoop of sugar for my cereal.


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Re: Oh pregnancy brain...

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  • LOL @shansbury82!! I did that with my pen the other day at work. I was so frustrated that I couldn't find it. (I was holding it...)


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  • The other day I almost threw out a full 4L jug of milk that I just opened and I did put the empty cereal box in the fridge...


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  • I filled up my cats' food bowls last night and forgot to put them down for them. I saw all 3 of the cats up on the kitchen counter and yelled at them before realizing why they were all up there. Poor things were just hungry.
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  • Last time I was at work I tried to unlock my car with my classroom keys and got really mad when it wouldn't fit. It was BAD.
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  • LP0198 said:

    My worst case of pregnancy brain was when I was pregnant with DS. I bought an adorable frog night light for his room. I was so excited that as soon as I got in the car I took it out of the package to see it light up. I couldn't see it light up so I figured it was because it was too sunny out. So when I got home I sat on the couch and turned it on again. It didn't go on and I was upset that I thought it was broken. Until I realized that it had to be plugged into the wall. Face palm lol

    @lp0198 I think you win. :-) that one made me laugh the hardest lol
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  • I have gotten really bad about looking for my phone while I'm talking on it...

    Lol! The problem is I do that when I'm not pregnant
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  • DH took my keys for something and put them back in the right spot. I picked them up, got the mail, and then put them back in a totally random place. About 30 minutes later, I proceeded to forget I did anything and yelled at DH for losing my keys. It took me forever to find them and then I realiZed how absent minded I've become!
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  • I went to L&D for a scheduled blood pressure check/non stress test today. My doctor toldme on Tuesday that if my pressure remains high, he plans on inducing, so I was prepared to check in to the hospital. Instead of bringing my wallet, I grabbed just my insurance card and ID. Or at least I though I did-I had my credit cardi instead of the insurance card. Luckily, This was ,y second trip to L&D this week and they were able to look up thehotocopy of the insurance.
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