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Caulking Windows?

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Does anyone know if the fumes from caulk are something I should be avoiding? DH spent the day weather-proofing the house, and now he's freaking out about the odor and letting me sit in it. I'm getting mixed answers from Google. I figure if we leave the windows open we're fine, but he now wants to leave for the night. 

Also, yes, I keep giggling at the word caulk. 

Re: Caulking Windows?

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    We had all our windows done. I stayed at my parents for 2 nights since it was every window in the house and the smell was strong. They had to touch up a few windows months later and since it wasn't every room we just left the windows open and I slept in a room that they did not recaulk. If the windows are open and the smell isn't bad I wouldn't worry too much. Run some fans too if you have some.
  • I'm sure prolonged exposure to the smell can't be good for anyone. I would say if you can then leave for the night because it could give you a nasty headache if you smell it for to long.


  • My vote is to leave as well, not worth the headache
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  • Thanks ladies. We went out for a couple of hours and the smell seems to have dissipated a bit, I think I might just sleep in the other room one room where he didn't caulk the window.
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