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FTM at 37 weeks

Today I reached 37 weeks. With that, I suddenly have a ton of pressure on my tailbone (even when standing it hurts), my belly is rock hard, a little lower back achiness, and I keep getting sharp stabbing pains in my left "ovary area". The only way I feel even semi comfortable is if I'm standing up, walking around. Is this normal?! I'm a FTM, so is have noooo idea what is good/bad/normal... Etc.

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  • Welcome to being pregnant! There is lots of posts about this from op's
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  • When i was in labour, the pains were never sharp. Now, I am not sure if this is a general rule. But when I feel sharp pains, I assume it is not labour. I assume it's lightening crotch, Braxton hicks or gas.
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  • I had excruciating rib pain right up until my LO was delivered last week at 37 wks.  Her butt and legs were taking up residence there.  Could just be your LO poking out but at your next appt, just ask.

  • Welcome to the end of your pregnancy!! Isn't it beautiful?! Lol jk it sucks at the end! Everything aches and hurts and leaks!! It's worth it in the end just keep your eye on the prize!!
  • I stood for 3 hours at my IL's on thanksgiving because it hurts my ribs to sit. And I start to feel like I have a hernia in my lower abdomen. When I get stabbing pains, I need to poop. Drink some coffee and follow it with tons of water!
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