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Literally can't walk...

It started this morning. If I try and walk it feels like someone is stabbing me in my uterus or ovaries. I've gone from the old lady shuffle to being immobile! I called my doctor and they said if there's no bleeding, fluid or timetable contractions then stay home. Ugh!


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Re: Literally can't walk...

  • I've had that also. They told me the same and when I actually saw my dr all he said was sorry to hear that, see you at your next appointment. Apparently it's completely normal.
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    Try drinking lots of water? When I'm not well hydrated I notice lots of pains in that area.
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  • This happens to me too, and guess it's normal, but it hurts like hell!
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  • Yep, I'm with ya!
  • I have it too and it's awful! I second PP and say drink more water, it helps me. Get some rest!
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  • Good luck, I'm sorry that sucks.
  • I can still walk but it feels like I've had a pulled groin muscle for almost 2 months. The more she drops the more it hurts only on that one side


  • Im right there with you. 36 weeks and just started feeling extreme groin pains. .debilitating, im a 1st time mom and of course had no idea this was par for the course. Hate having to sit still too. Will try drinking more water. Thx
  • I get that pain alot as well, baby is head down and head butts my cervix it hurts really bad. Just a few more weeks though.
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