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Well, THAT was embarrassing...

So I'm at Target to get clips to put up the Christmas lights. I had the box of clips and a baby sweatshirt in hand, at the furthest corner of the store from the bathroom when I feel like my nose is running. NBD, I've had a nasty cold all week. Reach up to wipe my nose...and it's bleeding. The second I realize it, it ceases to just bleed and is gushing. Completely down my white shirt, smeared all over my face, running down my arm as I attempt to cover my nose, dripping all over the floor. And I'm running to the bathroom in front of Target Black Friday shoppers. Fantastic. At one point I stopped and strategically peeled off my outer shirt (thank goodness for layers) so I didn't look like I had been hacked. But there is clearly still blood everywhere. Everyone who comes in the bathroom looks horrified. The garbage looked like someone was murdered. UGH so not a proud moment.
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Re: Well, THAT was embarrassing...

  • This happened to me at work a few weeks ago. :( Not fun, sorry it happened to you in the store! Did it get on the merchandise, too?
  • That doesn't sound fun! Sorry you had to deal with that. I hate when weird things happen to me in public places. :(
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  • Oh no. I've had that happen, too, but not to the point of gushing. I'm so sorry.


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  • You should have told people some ahole shopper punched you, would have sounded cool. ;)
  • I'm sorry :-( that sucks!
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  • I would have used this to my advantage to scoot through the absolutely ridiculous checkout line, lol. Sorry you had to deal with that!
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