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Makes me want to slap someone

Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Let the rant begin... My family was having a nice time everything was going swell until.....

Tell me why my mom dead in the middle of dinner tonight says " oh hey Natalie did you hear about the lady 2 nights ago @ kaiser who went in to deliver and had an aneurism and died... Pretty scary huh??" Really mom???????

I'm being induced Saturday night due to IUGR my baby hast grown in 2 weeks. I'm scared enough I'm pretty sure I could have lived with out that info.

Re: Makes me want to slap someone

  • Why so people tell pregnant ladies pregnancy horror stories...? Do we really look like we want that info? One of my students a few months ago was telling me how long a baby can survive inside if the mother dies. Her friend goes "uh...I don't think she wants to hear that!" ...nope.
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    Nkhead[Deleted User]
  • Ugh. Some people. 
    you and your LO will be just fine :)

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  • Yikes, for real. You definitely did NOT need to hear that. Take it easy and sending you good vibes for your induction Saturday-it will go well! :)


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  • Really sorry your mom said that to you. :( Just try not to be nervous about it, I know it's easier said than done.


  • I'm sorry :-( definitely unnecessary topic!
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  • I'm hope your gave her a look from across the table.


  • That sucks. I had a lady at the grocery store yesterday tell me horror stories. Some times you have to wonder what goes through people's heads?.?.
  • Thanks ladies. I'm sure we will be fine. I gave her more than just a look lol she got a few choice words from me as well as hubby. I think he was more upset than I. Then to top it off we went to his side of the family and his dad wouldn't shut up about how he's staying at the hospital from Saturday night until she's born....?? No I want to rest and save my energy for birth. When we call and tell you it's GO time then you can come... He is NOT coming in the room for the birth. It'll be a good hour or two before I'm cleaned up and done feeding and what not before anyone is welcome in and he said I'm being rude... It's my body it's not rude. I understand he's excited but chill out buddy! On a side note I had some amazing pie tonight ;)
  • Ugh brutal! My MIL is really bad for sharing stories like that as well, so frustrating!
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  • I know. It seems everyone feels seeing a pregnant woman is the one time they can re-live their awful experience by sharing it with you. It's like the "I didn't have a good one- so neither can you" mentality. It's annoying. I've started just looking/walking away haha
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