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40 weeks Sunday and a COLD :(

Really? I hadn't been sick all pregnancy. Now I'm on day 3...or 4 and my cold turned for the worse today. I can barely breath and feel horrible, as if i didnt already. (sorry to vent). I'm concerned about passing it to my LO when he's born. I see my doc again Tuesday if baby hasn't arrived. Wondering if anyone has/is experiencing a cold and labor and if it affected your LO?

Re: 40 weeks Sunday and a COLD :(

  • Well I'm 37w and have had a cold since 31w! It's a nightmare and I have serious anxiety about laboring and pushing while being so congested. I also don't want to get my baby sick. So I have no advice, just wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat since I have yet to kick this longest cold ever! Sorry!
  • I had a cold with my first.  I didn't notice much during labor and my baby didn't get it.  Breastfeeding helps keep most stuff from being passed to baby.
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  • I'm in the same boat!! And all of my family members are getting sick too! Ugh!
  • Thanks for chiming in ladies. Feel better! Hoping breast feeding helps keep baby from getting it.
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