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@northport06 is having a baby!!! LB updates: Now with MOAR polls!

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So my LB @northport06 (the best LB I've ever had!) is HAVING HER BABY!!! I'm super excited if you can't tell. So here's the deal, we're actually still in the hospital with our little one so I can't GIF the heck out of this thread yet... so I added a poll!

North is team green, her EDD was 12/7/13, and her hubby is acting not only as Daddy to be, but her doula as well. According to Daddy-Doula her water broke at home this morning, they are currently in L&D and she is "very dilated". I'll update everyone as I get info, but for now answer the poll below and share your pick and well wishes/amazing Gifs/meme of surprised Patrick in the comments below.

What will baby northport be?

@northport06 is having a baby!!! LB updates: Now with MOAR polls! 133 votes

52% 70 votes
45% 60 votes
This option is for @northport to see the results (nobody else use this button k?)
2% 3 votes
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Re: @northport06 is having a baby!!! LB updates: Now with MOAR polls!

  • Ahhhh!!! Baby Northport, here he/she comes! (I voted blue, we shall see) xoxo
  • Ahhhh!!! So exciting!!!! Sending all the love to @Northport6!!! :x
  • Good luck @northport6!!!!  :x I voted blue! 
  • Yay! So exciting!!!! GL!
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  • So exciting!!!
  • Yay northport! Good luck!
  • Yay!!! More babies!!! Good luck @northport6! What a great Hanukkah gift ;-)
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  • Ahh northport I think your the first team green to go into labor! So excited for you!!! Good luck and cannot wait to find out if it's a boy/girl! I hope it all turns out like you've planned, can't wait to see pictures!!!!


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  • Omg, the babies!!!!! Good luck, northport!! Can't wait to hear!

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  • Omg yay!!!! :D another November December baby hehe. I'm so excited for you to join the ranks hunny! It's the absolute best!
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  • Agghh!!! I'm so excited for @northport6. I can't wait for pics and a birth story! Good luck!
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  • Good luck Northport!!!!



  • Goodluck!!! :)
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  • Good luck!! So many babies to give thanks for in November lol!
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  • So exciting! Good luck!
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  • thesportsgalthesportsgal
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    I feel like she was JUST here, this is crazy!  I'm voting PINK and good luck @northport6!! 





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  • Good luck!!!! :)

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  • Good luck! Can't wait find out. I voted boy.
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  • Yay northport!!! Good luck!!

  • You're having a baby!!!!! Whoooooooo hooooooo!
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Good luck Northport!!!!!
  • Yay for baby Northport!!!

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  • Good luck to her!
  • Congrats Northport!! Can't wait to see your squish! I guessed girl! ;)
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  • Good luck. I voted boy, because I was team green and just had a boy yesterday. No scientific reasoning behind that.
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  • Good luck!! So exciting!
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  • Baby tiiiime!!! Good luck! :)

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  • Woohoo! Yay!



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