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Happy thanksgiving ladies!!

So this may be a silly questions but I'm Gona give it a shot anyways..

My first cycle off bc was 45 days. (Actually a short cycle for me compared to the very sparse - two to four times a year - cycles I had before starting the pill years ago) so I'm in my second cycle since I've been off the Bcp, on CD13 I had very obvious EWCM (I actually hadn't even noticed it ever before untill this day cause it was so obvious, I actually had an "ah-ha" moment like "wow THATS what the EWCM is" lol) bare with me ladies I'm getting to the point..

My question is.. Does that mean there was a pretty good chance that I was ovulating? Or can cervical mucus change regardless of if you are ovulating or not? I just started temping today so I don't have that to base ovulation on and FF is telling me my fertile days aren't till December 9th.. I know that they are just basing it off of my last cycle.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Ewcm??

  • You can definitely have EWCM without ovulating. If you click on my chart, you can see that I have it quite frequently, but I haven't O-ed since getting off BC 2.5 months ago. I've heard lots of other people say they have it before, during, and after O. It's a good sign to check, but temping each morning is the only way to know for sure if you've ovulated. You might also consider OPKs for some advance notice.
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  • I've had 10 days of EWCM this month so far (starting on CD8 and haven't O'd yet), last month I had 3.  I would agree with PP and suggest temping to help you figure out if you've O'd.  I don't do OPK's but might consider them in a few months, this is only our second cycle trying.
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  • Thanks ladies!

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    Me 24: PCOS & elevated Prolactin --- H 28: SA great
    Married <3 September 2012 -- TTC #1 Since September 2013
    Femara 5mg + Ovidrel + TI + Progesterone
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  • Its common for a lot of women to have it at various times during their cycle not just O. I didn't get to confirm O with temp this time, but I had a pos opk with ewcm, so I am hoping that I actually O'ed. This cycle I've had at least three separate occasions where I had ewcm for 3-4 days at a time.

  • CM changes due to the messages your cervix receives via hormones from the ovaries.  Usually, your Cm will change to EWCM and more slippery when estrogen levels rise.  In a regular, normal cycle EWCM will be seen right before and around the time of ovulation.  Depending on what BC you have used and your own body it can take anywhere from a few months to a year for your body to regulate all the hormones it needs to and get in to a "normal" pattern of fertility.  
    It is normal to see EWCM several times and at seemingly odd times in your cycle when coming off hormonal BC.  What some women will see at the end of their cycle that they identify as EWCM is not actually CM but part of the endometrial lining beginning to shed right before a period.  Many women also see several days of EWCM if they have PCOS as their bodies ramp up several times to ovulate without ovulating.

    OPKs are not always an accurate way of defining ovulation because they just tell you of an LH surge and or high levels of estrogen.  Like EWCM one can have an LH surge and still not ovulate.

    All that to say I think what you are experiencing is normal.
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