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Breast pumps?!?!

Hello ladies!! Hope everyone is enjoying their last month. :-)

I need to get a breast pump and I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations. Or any brands I should stay away from. I am clueless on this subject so any feedback is appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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  • Have you called your insurance to see if one is covered? In my opinion, you typically can't go wrong with free (due to insurance coverage). I got one with no out of pocket cost through my insurance.
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  • I have BCBS and the supplier I spoke to does not do Medela, but Ameda, which they apparently have not had issues with. Mine will be competely covered by insurance, so free is good!
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  • Thanks!! I will call my insurance and see.
  • If you google breast pump reviews, you'll find millions. So if you get a choice after calling your insurance, do that.
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  • Loolaide said:
    Medela, Ameda and Hygeia are the most popular/best rated based on what I've heard.  You can get an Ameda closed system double electric for a very reasonable price.  Hygeia is endorsed by LLL.  Medela is what a lot of hospitals use and, if they give you free parts, you can use those on your pump at home.

    I only used a manual (Medela) last time.  This time, my insurance covers a double electric 100%, so I bought the Medela freestyle since it's wearable/portable.
    This is what I have read and what I would recommend if you do need to buy one out of pocket. I was able to get a Hygeia through my insurance though.
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