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Purple Legs

I was thinking it was from working in the cold, because i am so pale sometimes my arms get red.  I havent been at work for 24 hours now and my thighs are still purple.

Its like a bad sunburn and when you push on my skin, it turns white and takes at least 5 seconds before it goes back to purple.

I'm guessing its bad circulation but my feet and ankles aren't swollen at all today and they aren't dicolored either.

I was just wondering if any of you ladies have had the same problem?

Re: Purple Legs

  • Haven't had that problem, and it definitely doesn't sound good... I would see a doctor about that.
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  • Having discoloration lasting longer than 24 hours is unusual and you should call your doctor (the on-call doctor) ASAP.

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  • Definitely call your OB!

  • I called the after hours answering service.  i should hear back soon, thank you ladies <3

  • No, but I'm glad you called your doctor. If you don't hear back within the next half hour, you may want to contact the hospital.


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  • Let us know what happens! You know how pregnant women worry!
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  • the midwife i talked to, didn't sound very concerned.  Probably just holding fluid and since i have an appt monday, she left it up to me to make the trip to triage. 

    She said if i get any pain, to call back cause it could be a blood clot...

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