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NCDR: Proud of DH

So, H and I have been talking a lot lately about trying to rebalance things in our life, since we have been thinking about a second child but I was feeling like his travel schedule was unsustainable for me with just 1 child (and a very energetic dog). If he was going to keep traveling and having long days like he has been, I was going to need more help, and possibly a live-in nanny if we were to have a second child (we live far away from our families so any extra support outside of the two of us, we have to pay for). Nothing wrong with having a live-in, but the more we thought about it, it just isn't our style.

H's boss is retiring at the end of the year, and he and a colleague are internal candidates to replace him. Yesterday he told his colleague that he was going to back out of the running and support colleague's bid for the job, if that meant that they could restructure H's job so that he is only traveling about 10% of the time instead of the current 60%.

It's far from a done deal, but for H to have this conversation with his colleague tells me his priorities are in the right place. So proud of him!

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