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Bru baby 1st Xmas

Did anyone go to the baby 1st Xmas event at BRU?

Re: Bru baby 1st Xmas

  • No, never even heard about it? When was it?
  • They did an event where you can meet other parents. There was a ornament you can make, a raffle, try out baby yogurt and they gave a $10 gift card. Next week is for babies born July - September and then the week after that is October - December (or I guess November since Dec babies wouldn't be born yet lol)
  • Oh, that sounds neat...although my baby's first Christmas was last year lol
  • Yes, they gave out a gift card, magnets, Christmas calendar, and some other little stuff and had a raffle type thing for a NYE outfit. It's worth it if you are going out that morning anyway, just for the $10 gift card, but I wouldn't make a special trip for it. Oh, and you can't use the gift card until the next day, so you have to come back. If you missed your baby's day, the ladies at the Newark BRU said you can come to any of the events.
  • I'm going to the one on 12/7 since my son was born in October. Luckily we live close to BRU so it's not abig deal if it isn't that great. I love chances to interact with other new moms!
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  • Awesome... My SIL took my Niece to it a couple weekends ago. She said it was neat, they were suppose to make something, but they just took it home to do.
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