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d&c almost 3 weeks ago...I feel like im.getting af

is that possible? I feel crampy like af is right around the corner. my dr said typically 4-6 weeks after I can expect af. I was a little crampy last week and it felt like I was ovulating but today its just cramps like im about to get it. I had minimal bleeding for a week following the procedure and felt pretty good after that first week.

Re: d&c almost 3 weeks ago...I feel like im.getting af

  • It's definitely possible.  4-6 is the typical time that it returns for people, longer for some, shorter for others.  Only way to know for sure what's going on is, like everything else related to a loss, to wait it out and see what happens.  Good luck.
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  • It sure could be, I got af about 3 weeks after my loss in May. Like I didn't miss a beat.
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  • Ditto pp. I got AF almost exactly 4 weeks from my d&c and about 5 from the dx of a mmc and when I took miso. It's weird to say, but FX this is AF for you. ((hugs)). So sorry for your loss.


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  • I got mine a little over 4 weeks after my d&c, so I think it's possible. All the best.
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  • Very possible, I had mine 3 weeks after my d&c it was a very short cycle I did not ovulate according to my temps. If it is I am sure next cycle will be more like usual, sorry for your loss.
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  • It's possible , my dr told me 4-6 weeks but not unusual to be out of that time frame a litle either way. I am 3 1/2 weeks out from mine and feel that same way like its coming any day .. Good luck to you and so sorry for your loss

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