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First full night away from baby?

My birthday is Friday and my husband and I are going to go out to eat and get a hotel room for the night; this will be our first time spending the night away from dd. I work 12 hours overnight so it's not like I haven't spent a long stretch away from her but it's weird knowing dh won't be with her either. Thankfully my in laws will watch her and we're not going out of town or anything so it's not like well be far away but I guess I'm just still a little anxious (but excitteeddd!).

Has anyone else stayed away from their lo overnight yet? How was it?

Re: First full night away from baby?

  • I have, it's hard building up to it and letting go but once you finally do and start enjoying the evening it gets better.
  • I agree with pp, the building up and letting go to was the hardest part! We stayed two nights away from LO and it wound up being a good experience for everyone!

    Just refrain yourself from calling/texting every 5's hard, but you'll have a way better time. LO will do great:)
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  • We did it once for our anniversary and although I was nervous it ended up being so nice for DH and me.  We had a really fun night knowing our LO was safe with my mom.  As in PP the nerve-racking part is leading up to leaving LO.

    I also had to do it for 2 nights for a bridal shower weekend.  By the second night I felt kind of lonely, but it was nice to have a bed and night totally to myself.

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