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6 days post Cytotec (miscarriage)

Hey ladies,
I took cytotec on Wednesday night last week and I passed everything that night. I barely spotted the day after and then on Friday the bleeding picked up to about a medium period. I bled like that till Sunday, then Sunday night the bleeding slowed waaaay down to spotting. Yesterday I just spotted brown blood, now today there is pretty much nothing.
Is it normal to only bleed 5-6 days post Cytotec? I was only 4w4d along when I took the meds, so my doc said that could effect how little I bleed, but I just want to make sure. Any ideas or advice? Should I expect to start bleeding again?

Thanks ladies!
Hope you have a good day

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MMC- 11/2013 @ 9 weeks

Re: 6 days post Cytotec (miscarriage)

  • I was supposed to be 8 weeks at my U/S but the doc measured the sac at 4w4d

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    MMC- 11/2013 @ 9 weeks
  • i go in for a sono tomorrow. They should do a blood draw then, so I guess I will know for sure then. thanks!

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    MMC- 11/2013 @ 9 weeks
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  • You and I took it the same day. I was 9w5d but development stopped around 7w3d we think. Anyhow, my bleeding has slowed way down, more like the end of a regular period. Sound like you're doing well as far as that.
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