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Could I be pregnant?! IUD

Hey ladies,

I haven't been around the board much lately. Work and the baby have kept me pretty busy! I know I need to take a pregnancy test and will do so after work...but I'm wondering if any of y'all (or someone you know) has gotten pregnant while having a copper IUD in place? I got mine in at maybe 4 months out, and since then have only had maybe 2 periods (they were normal). I've been exhausted- but an 8.5 month old will do that to you!

I've also read (ugh, Dr. Google) about how IUD pregnancies cause a higher risk of miscarriage. Eeek.

So, test will be tonight, but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced one.

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Re: Could I be pregnant?! IUD

  • I haven't experienced this but wanted to say that I am hoping for the best for you. I have a paragard and would worry at first but have stopped and of course now I'm worried again after reading this. My Dr said if I ended up pregnant to get in right away as it is an emergency situation. Best of luck!
  • Hey...

    Im so sorry you are experiencing this... I have a copper iud and its not something one wants to deal with :(

    I think it is a higher risk, but not a definite. I thinbk my dr told me that at a certain point they wont remove it at all because of the risk, and some women have it for their entire pregnancy?

    What was the result? Did  you take the pt?

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  • I'm currently pregnant with my ParaGard IUD. Doing HCG blood test to rule out ectopic pregnancy. Good luck and keep us posted.

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